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In the first quiz the team can have 6 participants. Armand started drinking to forget his misery.

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Mario visits Monica and both set up an action plan to rejoin the couple. One day he delivers some food to a local pub where a pub quiz is about to start. As he is in a hurry, he takes a company's huge electric pallet jack to drive to the quiz. Story[ edit ] Five people meet each other coincidentally in a pub where a quiz is about to start.

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The team has also some hindrances: Cynthia wants to rebuild the shop with the help of Gwendy. In his leisure time he trains the juniors. Whilst visiting his father, Luc notices Andre and sneakily follows him.

Despite their contrasts in personality they agree to team up for other quizzes in the future and win the Superprestige quiz as their ultimate goal. However, due to his alcoholic abuse he gets drunk and makes serious errors when questions are asked.

Despite his gigantic knowledge, he made the biggest blunder in the Flemish history of quizzes. With regrets he stopped his football career to take over the shop of his father so there was an income to support the other family members who were all under-aged. Nick is able to remember triviaLennon is a music expert, Luc knows everything about sports, Armand is an expert in history and Roger knows something about almost everything.

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Lennon can't write nor read and Armand is addicted to alcohol. Roger asks Armand to rejoin Tafel 7 10 Nick is thrown out by Cynthia due to his cheating with Monica. According to another inhabitant, the wife of Andre had a concussion and never recovered.

It turns out his blind father, who lives in a retirement home, takes the pictures. Due to some tragic events in past he is now addicted to alcohol.

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Due to his knowledge, insight and experience with quizzes he is accepted by the group. As he makes these calls during his working hours, he is fired. He gave ancient Greek and Latin and knows everything about these cultures. Actually, it was Armand who decided to stop as a teacher.

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Not because of his addiction, but he had the feeling he saw his son in every one of his young students. During the quiz it turns out the man is rather hard-of-hearing and therefore obnoxiously loud.

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Since then, he stopped playing quizzes. Mario declares Cynthia his love. As a result, the shop only sells outdated cameras and develops rolls of film as Luc is even not aware digital cameras and online printing services exist.

Nick finds a video on the internet showing a clip from De IQ-Quiz a quiz show which existed in real life. Cynthia thinks Nick is paying too much attention towards Monica and set ups an action plan together with Gwendy. Monica tells Cynthia Nick cheated on her, although it is a lie.

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Gwendy gets a loan at the bank to invest in the hair dressing saloon, but does not inform Luc. He is neglected by his colleagues and is now a "simple" supervisor in the study hall and works at the schools reprography.

As there are almost no customers at Cynthia's shop, Gwendy seeks for a solution.

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They decide to form a team and participate under the name "Tafel 7" Table 7 as they are the seventh team. They win the quiz. He was a talented soccer player but was forced to stop after his father got blind.

He knows almost all facts about sports. Tafel 7 is surprised they won the quiz although it should have been Coromar.