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Reddit Let's face it, this is how the government takes care of a lot of things. In that sense, Flag Day is kind of like Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia, and the litany of other small territories and possessions that the good ol' US hasn't graced with full statehood.

Technicians know that abnormal temperatures often indicate a potential problem.

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Depending on the situation, sometimes just feeling the machine with the back of your hand can help you determine if the temperature is within acceptable limits; of course this method has severe safety limitations especially with rotating machinery and electrical equipment!

We should find out. It's like Betsy Ross meets Salt Life. Reddit The Triple-Diamond America: The possibilities for a star flag aren't exactly endless, but they sure are weird. On some dating sites you need premium membership to see profiles of other users while on Flirt. To obtain a more quantifiable indication of temperature, direct contact thermometers are often used; a safer method than using the back of your hand, but with some similar safety concerns.

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Reddit Is it a flag, or a Fourth of July picnic napkin? You are in control of data you publish on your profile. Heck, chances are you don't even get Flag Day off.

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Reddit The Circle Besides the symmetry, it has the bonus of being usable when America finally takes control of Earth. Thermography allows you to visualise heat. Everyone will find a date! The different temperatures are indicated as different colours or shades of grey.

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Thermography Detect hot spots before they cause trouble Since the dawn of the industrial age, temperature has been used to give an indication of machine condition.

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This is either a clever star configuration, or Batman being tortured in a dungeon with the walls closing in. Thermal cameras allow temperature comparisons over a large area, allowing potentially troublesome hot spots to be found quickly.

But what if one of them did finally squeak through? We're pretty good at multiplication, though. Date for free Flirt. Well, for one thing, America would suddenly need to reconfigure the stars and stripes. Could you imagine how much tea partiers would hate Obama if he presided over an America where Puerto Rico is a state and this is Old Glory?

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It doesn't get the fireworks of July 4 or the solemn fanfare of Memorial Day.

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