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The Academy allowed write-in candidates in all categories after members denounced the omission of Bette Davis Of Human Bondage from the Best Actress nominees.

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Falling victim to the moonlit night, Kit and Dick attend a luau instead. Consequently, he is not very happy when the rest of the men insist that she participate in the traditional "Hundredth Night" theatrical performance that he is to direct.

The sparkling, 'Capra-corn' film was about an antagonistic couple - a spoiled runaway heiress Colbert and a recently-fired newspaper reporter Gable in his first comedic role - an affectionate feuding, battle of the sexes during their bus and hitch-hiking trip on the road.

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Rules for dating my daughter t-shirt australian film that dominated and swept all major categories of the awards was Columbia's come-from-behind It Happened One NightFrank Capra's exceptional screwball romantic comedy that gave birth to the genre.

From now on, the nominating selections and the award ceremony would cover the same calendar year. Instead of turning her in for the reward, he falls in love with her.

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Oscar Snubs and Omissions: Three new categories were added: Scrapper arrives at the Academy to see Dick graduate and is disappointed to learn of his resignation.

By some accounts, she remains the youngest Oscar recipient in history.

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When, near graduation, General Fitts announces Kit's engagement to Biddle, Dick naturally is confused, and visits her after lights out to talk her out of marrying Biddle.

Dick writes a comedy about a female general with a message directed at Kit. And Walt Disney picked up another his third consecutive Short Subject: The hitchhiking scene contained Gable's immortal line to Colbert when she lifted her skirt slightly to expose a bit of her leg, and promptly stopped a passing car: There were eleven other films nominated for Best Picture in You could have stopped 40 cars.

He is caught by Biddle and, at Biddle's suggestion, agrees to resign from the Academy to protect Kit's name. After the first rehearsal, Kit walks with Dick on Flirtation Walk and tries to explain why she told him she was not in love with him.

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The Best Picture category had a record twelve nominated films. Dick graduates a happy man. Numerous scenes in the film have become classics: Werker's Napoleonic costume drama, The House of Rothschild with one nomination and no wins and Irving Cummings' dramatic film about hospital student nurses in The White Parade with two nominations and no wins The winner of the Best Actor award was the "King" - Clark Gable with the first of three career nominations and his sole win for his role as down-on-his-luck reporter Peter Warne in It Happened One Night.

Stung by her words, and Biddle's condescending statement that "if you were an officer and a gentleman, you'd understand," Dick decides to compete with Biddle as an equal and applies for West Point.

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To prevent Dick from deserting, Kit tells him that she was responding to a crazy impulse and he means nothing to her. He is accepted and does very well, to Scrapper's delight.

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Write-in candidates were disallowed aftera year later. Cartoon Award for The Tortoise and the Hare.

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The day is saved when Biddle tells Dick that his resignation was not accepted and that Kit returned his ring, wishing him good luck. Frank Morgan with his first nomination as Alessandro, a 16th century Duke of Florence in director Gregory La Cava's Affairs of Cellini with four nominations and no wins William Powell with his first of three unsuccessful career nominations as urbane, tippling, witty detective Nick Charles in The Thin Man Gable's French-born co-star, Claudette Colbert with the first of three career nominations and her sole win won the Best Actress award for her performance as runaway heiress Ellie Andrews in It Happened One Night.

The film illustrated that even a wealthy heiress could find happiness and adventure on the road among the common folk.

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Scrapper begs Kit to straighten things out with Biddle. Dick decides to desert. The two Best Actor competitors were: Metropolitan Opera soprano star Grace Moore with her sole career nomination as American opera singer Mary Barrett in One Night of Love Norma Shearer with her fourth nomination for her performance as invalid Elizabeth Barrett in The Barretts of Wimpole Street Five year old, popular Fox Studios money-maker Shirley Temple born on April 23,she was almost six years old at the time of the Academy banquet held on March 16, was presented with a miniature statuette - a Special Award - for her "outstanding contribution to screen entertainment during the year ".

Van Dyke for "The Thin Man" This was the first year that the Academy decided to match the eligibility period to the calendar year.

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They are discovered in each other's arms by Scrapper and Lieutenant Biddle John Eldredgewho is also in love with Kit.

This total would remain for one more year, and then decrease to ten, and finally to five. Dick is too angry to listen to Kit, but during their on-stage love scene kisses her, and she admits she loves him.

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While most of his classmates are infatuated with Kit, Dick is cold to her. Biddle accuses Dick of ruining Kit's reputation and forcing her to accompany him off post.