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The music on the album has been compared to notable acts in the United Kingdom like the Sugababes in the early stages of their careers, Basement Jaxx, Kathy Diamond, and Lily Allen. Although Cooper tried to respect Stargate SG-1 's reputation as a sex-free family show, he was aware that the character's flirtatiousness might cause a strong audience reaction.

But, considering how perfectly happy she was in Mr.

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The Prioress's Tale is an account flirtatiousness meanings Jews murdering a deeply pious and innocent Encyclopedia ilustrada cumbre online dating boy, a blood libel against Jews which became a part of English literary tradition.

She strongly disapproved of her daughters' flirtatiousness and bitterly argued with her eldest son Charles, a Tory politician.

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After Donna departs the office, she leaves behind a barrette, which Michael returns to her in the parking lot. None of the flirtatiousness is going to go away.

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Her beauty and flirtatiousness made her a common target for male characters, although she usually proved capricious and elusive. Senter see that I appreciated her true disinterestedness in repeating to me this tragic family history; and of course she was a cat twice over to do it.

Her flirtatiousness around Vinton and her open disdain of his choice of a current wife, Naomi Harper, led to an acrimonious and somewhat formal relationship between the two women.

Flirtatiousness meanings the character's introduction at the beginning of season three until the middle of season four, the Iola character was infatuated with Vinton Harper, a crush that was revealed to have existed since they were children.

I very politely let Mrs.

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Michael soon takes over the sales presentation, but he becomes quickly unsure whether her flirtatiousness demonstrates a genuine interest in him or merely a ploy to extract a lower price. In the season 2 she was depicted as having a relationship with Jackie Warner, a fellow-trainer and owner of the spa.

But flirtatiousness, even of the mildest description, would not do here. I even understand now why, when I show the slightest sign of flirtatiousness or skittishness, he stiffens up, and draws into his shell.

- Merriam Webster

Heathcote's society, it was odd that Bijou grew paler and thinner every day. Arnold Bennett It portrays the courtship of the beautiful American girl Daisy Miller by Winterbourne, a sophisticated compatriot of hers.

For several years, Lady Carlisle refused to speak to her daughter Dorothy due to her marriage to the brewer Francis Henley afterwards Baron Henley. Grant is at his best when he allows a hard glint of caddish narcissism to peek through his easy flirtatiousness, something he did in About a Boy and American Dreamz.

Annie "Daisy" Miller and Frederick Winterbourne first meet in Vevey, Switzerland, in a garden of the grand hotel where Winterbourne is allegedly vacationing from his studies an attachment to an older lady is rumoured.

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All Noun 29 examples 0. After the Civil War, the wench emerged as the most important specialist role in the minstrel troupe; men could alternately be titillated and disgusted, while women could admire the illusion and high fashion.

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Both are expensively dressed, show signs of lives of luxury and flirtatiousness and show a lack of spiritual depth. His pursuit of her is hampered by her own flirtatiousness, which is frowned upon by the other expatriates when they meet in Switzerland and Italy.

Cooper amplified the character's cheeky and sexy personality in his own passes of the script.

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The little kitten, feasting her eyes on him, seemed ready at any moment to start her gambols again and display her kittenish nature.

However, after a season four episode in which various characters including Iola fantasized about married life with the objects of their affections, her attitude toward Vinton changed from that point forward in the series.

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Attitude appears responsible for the effect of sociosexuality on mate preferences, assortative mating, and romantic partner's flirtatiousness outside the relationship. The album most notably showcases Katy B's warm, natural vocals with a feel of hostility and flirtatiousness emanating through the songs.

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A patch near the mouth signified flirtatiousness; one on the right cheek denoted marriage; one on the left cheek announced engagement; one at the corner of the eye signified a mistress.

There is not quite enough of that here, nor enough of the anarchic loopiness that Ms. Evening-oriented females but not males were more unrestricted in behavior, attitude, and desire.

Had he not an ingratiating, playfully flirtatious way with them in which he trusted?