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Flirted With You All My Life

Wife wants that big new car, And all the shoes that she can charge; Driving past the shelter, She needs all that and more. Can't bury the past -- Won't go away, In a pint or shot glass. It crouches down, its scales tense -- Is this how my world ends?

Faces tough and tanned From years of running 'cross the Rio Grande. I hear a growl, from behind -- I'm turning white, I'm going blind.

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If you've nothing to hide, You don't need to ask why. I cry and I weep -- done nothing! Aisha runs in, "Mommy, mommy! He fumbles with the change he tips -- I don't think he wanted that tall drip.

A petty dictator; I'll deal with you later. Ool Ti' asks the wolf, his friend, "Will we eat shit like the raven? We lived in Hell, For fifteen long years, Under an evil spell We loathed and we feared. Now I'm pregnant but I don't have to choose -- A best books free thinkers dating of old white guys will tell me what to do.

These were not radical organic farmers, but conventional farmers who had adopted practical new ways of doing things. Or will we, like the dogs we spar, Live and die in this junkyard? We're looking for traitors -- Please present your papers. His mom does her hair; Haven't spoken in years and years.

I don't wanna watch Mom and Dad fight and bawl. The bank says They own it -- Can't live here -- That's bullshit! It's eyes are red, red as blood, Like burning ash in a lava flood. And the loss of soil life makes farmers more dependent on chemical fertilizers to keep up crop yields.

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Break in to cars and vans -- Grab and sell whatever you can. We're just enhanced interrogators. Mom says, "Sleep in our bed.

Its teeth are long; its fangs are sharp -- I try to quiet my beating heart. Nothing but revenge on my brain -- Rock you like a hurricane.

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Knocked down so the oil man can drill. With a hiss, and screeching sound -- So terrible -- it starts to pounce. If you've nothing to hide, Then why won't you comply?

Cranberries, and chick peas, Anchovies, raw turkey, Pork and beans, old sardines, Collard greens, tangerines.

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But only Stillness is there; Will it be the same For the children she bears? Vomit, blood, the horror! Worms may not be warm and fuzzybut their essential role in many ecosystems across this planet makes them canaries in the agricultural coal mine.

Stepping over the cracks in the warm concrete; Try to avoid the Bloods and MS Nowhere to hide; No kind of plan.

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The seconds drag by much to slow; I need my daily cup of joe. Standing in line watching her; She flirts with the next customer. Bell rings; get out of class. I'm old enough to bear and raise a child -- But don't trust me with my own human rights. Just needs twenty large For another hit; When it all goes dark, Finally she can forget.

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Wolverine, wolf, and grizzly -- All are still here around you; All you miss is the fattening caribou. When will we be free Mikey?

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In other words, practices that form the backbone of modern conventional agriculture destroy worm food and decimate soil life. Hatchet Wound I'm cute and I'm dumb and I'm physically weak -- The only thing impressive about me is my physique.

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North Slope -- America's cash cow; Black Hole -- everything dies out. A man will pick you up, And take you home to fuck you, a child -- Child of the night -- It cuts like a knife! The crowd points and stares, Glad it's me and not them there.

It smiles at me, like a fiend -- I hear a sound -- a human scream. Black Hole Ool Ti', why so lonely? Trudging across the sand For miles and miles of no-man's land. There's a young man in the corner playing 'Crazy' all night long quarters piled high upon the table He orders Wild Turkey and with a quick wit and a smile he says, 'My darling, you're the one I'll drape in sable' But his baseball cap and this bar-room rap tell me a different story that this is not my prince to grant all my wishes Just another lonely country-boy grown weary of the night Just another boy with a sink full of dirty dishes Where are you tonight?

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Beaver, where is that dam you built? Is there some hope in this sewage lake -- A life raft to a better place?

Flirted With You All My Life - Cowboy Junkies @ State Theatre

Aisha sits and Waits for Mommy to get up. My rights, your ideals, forsaken; Seems so sure, but you're mistaken!

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Carbon-rich soil organic matter is a source of nutrients and fuel for soil life. The baby cries And shits in rags. I come through her door every single day, To order a drink that's exactly the same; So lovely, her lips and her smile and her face; But she never remembers I drink Earl Grey.