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You can even monitor your learning progress and immediately see your own learning results. In addition, Lingorilla regularly publishes new learning content.

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The great thing about language learning videos is that you can watch the conversational situation several times and repeat it as often as you wish until you understand everything. Not everyone can just go abroad or meet native speakers regularly.

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Join Katja and Alexander in a series of videos with authentic situations in Berlin and learn important vocabulary and phrases, pronunciation and grammar.

Of course there is one small problem: If you don't believe it, you can try it out now for free -- Lingorilla offers a free trial lesson from each course so that everyone can test how Lingorilla actually works. And it's almost as if you were even there yourself.

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Are you already an advanced learner of German? In order to apply what you've learned in the videos, Lingorilla offers a large range of interactive exercises and educational games that are used to build the vocabulary, pronunciation, writing skills and the relevant grammar.

Of course Lingorilla supports you with a number of useful learning aids, such as optional subtitles, transcripts, glossaries and an online dictionary.

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After all, watching online videos is much easier and cheaper than traveling. This way you can hear the correct pronunciation regularly and learn phrases and sentence structures, and quickly get a natural feel for the language. Learning from native speakers.

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Then check out our German language course for intermediate and advanced learners: But Lingorilla has a great solution for this. But you don't have to stick to just one language -- you can try out any of the languages.

You will therefore study effectively in an entertaining way.

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Learning German with videos and games is easy and fun! Lingorilla films typical everyday conversational situations with native speaking actors and makes them available online.

You can listen to native speakers, see their facial expressions and gestures, and discover more about the country and culture. For more video language lessons visit http: In addition, the entertaining and sometimes exciting stories on Lingorilla. The Lingorilla method is simple and proven: