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Flirtende frikadeller i ovn, this is my familys recipe for danish meatballs

Stir in milk 2 tablespoons at a time, keeping mixer at stir speed to aerate mixture. You simply just mix all the ingredients in a envigado vs medellin online dating bowl, mix well and fry the meatballs on a frying pan with oil — it is that simple.

Slowly whisk in broth.

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Whisk it together and let it cook until it has thickened. I let it mix for a few minutes.

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One-by-one place the oval flat shape frikadelle into the heated skillet. Not only do I get to cook something Danish, I get to share my love of Danish cuisine with some total strangers, yikes.

Alternatively they can be served with creamed, white cabbage. Make a roux out of butter and flour Then, scoop the tablespoon into the bowl to form the flirtende frikadeller i ovn.

Raised On Frikadeller – Danish

Turned on the mixer and let it go. And that's what I did yesterday.

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Discard oil in pan and wipe clean with paper towel. Frikadeller are served with new potatoes and Parsley Sauce or a pan gravy made from the drippings. Added an egg, milk, one small onion, finely minced. Or you can use your hand to form it as well, but this way is a little less messy.

How-to-serve-them This recipe for Frikadeller is the one my parents used when I was a kid and it is the one I uses the day today.

Frikadeller - definition - English

Using paddle attachment, stir in flour and beat thoroughly. The Danish Frikadelle tastes great cold. However, one of the requirements of the cooking demo is to hand out recipes. Chop up some fresh parsley Time wise it is faster to make few but large meatballs, however, we always makes many small meatballs this way we get more of the delicious crisp crust when frying them.

Dip the spoon in the fat every time you scoop up a meatball. In the mid 's, it was wood-fired ovens and meat grinders that contributed to new dishes including the Danish frikadelle.

If it is still pink, fry for 3 or more minutes. To a frying pan, add some olive oil and a little butter, and as soon as it's hot, you're ready for the next step.

How to Make Danish Meatballs (Frikadeller) Recipe - Snapguide

I know how it's supposed to look and taste and feel, so when I'm making it, I just do it the way my mom taught me, with one little exception, I use my Kitchenaid, instead of stirring the meat mixture for a half hour.

Now you are ready to shape the meatballs. You can do this by hand but it will take a little longer. Season to taste with salt and pepper, and mix well. We can recommend serving these meatballs with some homemade freshly bread with sunflower seeds or some boiled potatoes. There are different opinions whether the onions should be chopped coarsely or finely, cut in large pieces or just blended.

Another personal variation of Frikadeller is whether you want the meatballs large or small in size.

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Pour into smaller container and refrigerate for 30 minutes to firm up. Combine egg, salt and pepper together and add to meat mixture. We couldn't find any results for your search. Speed 2 until fluffy.


In Sweden, poached quenelles are called frikadeller and are usually served in soup. The salt is important because it enhances the taste which makes the Frikadeller even better. Using a spoon, drop meat mixture directly into skillet.

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Test for seasoning at this point by frying a little of the meat mixture and tasting it as soon as it is done. A tip is the frikadelle mixture gets better the more you mix the ingredients together.

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Add that to the white sauce, whisking it in and let it cook a minute or so. Danes don't waste their food. Many variations of frikadeller exist but traditionally they are made of minced veal, pork or beef; chopped onions; eggs; milk; bread crumbs; salt; and pepper; then formed into balls and flattened somewhat.

Danish Pork Meatballs Frikadeller. Add brown sugar and bring to simmer.


For more Scandinavian cooking videos please subscribe to our channel too! Return pan to medium-high heat and add butter.

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A helpful trick is to take the tablespoon mixture and smoothen it against the wall of the bowl. If you like this danish frikadelle recipe as a meat dish, please be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel Scandinavian Today.

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Keep warm while making sauce. I did, added a touch more pepper, as I thought it could use it. They are then pan-fried in pork fat or beef fat, or more commonly in modern times in butter, margarine or even vegetable oil. Also, it depends how big the meatball is on the pan and how hot your pan is too.

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Let it come to a boil and season it to taste with some salt and white pepper. Dumped a pound of unseasoned ground pork into the Kitchenaid.