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That's a driver's car! By removing those DRLs and redoing the grille, the Camaro team was able to increase the amount of airflow into several of the 11 radiators aboard the ZL1.

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Thanks to the miracle of iPhone Notes and voice to text, here are my thoughts moments after I drove the car for the first time: Jack the front up, remove three bolts, twist, and voilyou have 3. Other cars might be as capable, but they lack the ZL1 1LE's sense of reward flirterz bloemendaal 2018 camaro you get a corner or a string of corners right.

When working in roco et 420 dating with the splitter and massive carbon-fiber wing that sits atop three uprights on the trunk, the dive planes—which are the widest part of the car—help produce pounds of downforce at miles per hour.

So much power, so much control, so much stopping ability.


Why would you want more understeer? New, lightweight forged aluminum wheels are an inch wider but an inch smaller in diameter, front and rear, than standard ZL1 wheels and are used with new Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar 3R tires that deliver max lateral grip of 1. There are no rubber bushings! Just avoid potholes like the plague.

As far as on track goes, the ZL1 1LE is both potent and forgiving. As a result of the decision to hard-mount the dampers to the car—and this is me being charitable—ride quality is not great.

The lighter wheels and dampers, along with reduced thickness rear glass and a fixed-back rear seat, contribute to an approximately pound 27 kg lower curb weight than a standard ZL1 Coupe.

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The first is front-end ride height, which can be varied plus or minus 10 millimeters. Brembo brakes, including red calipers with the 1LE logo, are also included. The first thing you should know about the dive planes is that they can't sell the ZL1 1LE in Europe because of pedestrian safety laws.

Because the speed tranny is supposed to be the quickest way around a racetrack, it's curious that it's not offered. More clean air is good not just for cooling things off but for aero, too.

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Can you live with the car as a daily driver? The sticker is an insult to the team that built the car, as well as to the car itself. See all photos The good stuff is vast and varied. The trick shocks are topped off with groovy-looking blue-anodized camber plates. You might be thinking, "When will you ever use that?

Being less kind—especially if you're on ripped up, lumpy pavement—the ZL1 1LE's ride flat-out sucks. This created an opportunity for Goodyear, one that it pounced on.

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Shock-wise at least, the ZL1 1LE is in good company, no? If there's a problem with the ZL1, it's lard. When the aero and the tires shake hands, it's a moment of revelation.

Thanks to the instant spool of the supercharger and the resulting deep sea of torque, I was reminded of a harder-hitting Dodge Viper ACR—though the Camaro's extra pounds of heft means it's not as fleet as the Mopar superstar.

The dampers are hard-mounted to the body.

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Plus, certain tracks induce more oversteer—or understeer—than others. The 1LE moniker is Camaro shorthand for tracked-up versions that can stop and turn better, though there's no increase in power.

The final piece of the adjustable puzzle is front-end camber. Even better than a Hellcat. What, tribal tattoos were patented?