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Fahimi Bar Flirties glue ebay usa credit: With an acclaimed programme of events ranging from underground indie bands to cutting-edge installations and performances, West Germany achieves the rather admirable feat of remaining hip years after it first opened its artfully battered doors.

Paloma bar Image credit: Sadly, flirtfaktor bar berlin such a small bar, it lacked personality with the bartender doing his job and not really interacting with the guests around him, almost like a croupier in a casino. Low-lit, ramshackle and reliably raucous, the Monarch of Kottbusser Tor reigns supreme as a firm favourite among Kreuzberg's late-night imbibers.

Fahimi Bar Fahimi Bar: Particularly since, to access it you'll need to negotiate dank, grafitti covered stairways and forbidding steel doors - because after all, no self-respecting speakeasy is ever going to advertise its presence. Look for the sticker-covered door with a sign above it for the 'Turkische Gemeinde zu Berlin' image above, right.

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Positioning itself as a destination drinking spot rather than a boisterous, late-night pitstop, Fahimi's combination of soft lighting, shiny bar stools and classic cocktails all add up to a swankier and far less sweaty alternative to its bunker-bar neighbours.

You know the score. There's also a good house Champagne and off menu cocktails are welcomely made with care to match your requirements.

Berlin's secret bars: hidden late-night bars in Kottbusser Tor

Thurs-Sat, 11pm-6am Finding it: Tues-Sat, 7pm-open end Finding it: Same entrance as for 'West Germany' above, flirtfaktor bar berlin there's even a sign albeit a very small one. Berlin Pre- fab partying in Kottbusser Tor's hidden bars Who'd have guessed that a shabby stretch of concrete '70s real estate could house quite so many hidden drinking dens?

Named after the historic Champagne cocktail which offers a nod to former U. Monarch bar Located in exactly the same stretch of sci-fi '70s real estate as the dimunitive Paloma, the much-loved and substantially larger Monarch pulls in punters with electro and indie sounds, a bijou stage for eclectic concert line-ups and, of course, those panoramic views across the Kotti at least before the place gets so rammed that the windows start steaming.

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For the most part, these tucked-away bars have been around long enough to endear themselves to an entire decade of in-the-know revellers, but for non-locals, Kottbusser Tor's cluster of concealed nightlife runs the risk of passing sadly unperceived.

Skalitzer StrasseBerlin Opening times: The 14 guests who've successfully made it through the door, sit around the large black table watching the bartender mix the cocktails or, during our visit, spectacularly fail to lance a bottle of Champagne in front of you.

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Look out for a grim metal security gate shielding an equally grim concrete stairway between the Kaiser's supermarket and a kebab store below. Paloma Bar facebook A tiny wedge of a space permeated with electro beats and lots of cigarette smoke, the Paloma's kitsch, '70s decor seems more apt than ironic - you're sitting, after all, in a classic concrete pre-fab.

Take the stairs to the first floor. Sweeping views across the platforms of Kottbusser Tor U-Bahn are a major part of the bar's appeal, a gritty urban outlook that's suitably in tune with the Paloma's louche, hole-in-the-wall vibe.

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Take the stairs to the first landing and turn right. A second person acts as a waiter and doorkeeper.

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Fahimi Bar The newest addition to the bars overlooking the railway tracks is also something of mould-breaker - a stylishly designed cocktail lounge that eschews grunge for glam. The spookiness of these two chance meetings in such a secretive hideaway would probably be a case for the X Files.

There's a whole pretence about simply getting past the usually unfriendly doorstaff and then trying to avoid the 'who the hell are you?

Look for a door covered in stickers there's a sign beside it for 'Schatz EV Schulaufgabenzirkel' and take the scary-looking graffitied stairs above right up to the second floor.

The perception of the massive sleek black wooden table in the centre of the dark room is enhanced by the cool lights above the one bartender and his 14 guests. This results in a small space which at the same time offers a variety of different atmospheres bringing the guests closer to the mix station where the small menu of historically inspired cocktails are produced.

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Tues-Thur, 9pm-3am; Fri-Sat, 9pm It's certainly one of the highlights of Berlin's amazing bar scene.