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The couple walked hand-in-hand along the picnic spot in Noosa Affectionate!

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Tziporah flaunted her slimmed down figure in a blue-and-white polka dot swimsuit while wading around in the river Animated! The couple looked close as they walked though the shallows of the river Day date!


Mind, body and attitude. Send a PM via YouTube including a link to your video and any other additional information regarding your submission. I mean the nerd couldn't refuse the offer! I'm starting to look fabulous again,' she said about her weightloss.

The new couple are obviously enjoying each other's company, with the pair putting on a number of PDAs while in the Queensland holiday jes macallan dating. The couple appear to be going from strength-to-strength, after they were snapped putting on a tactile display while in Noosa.

He also was on my server and could have left at any time.

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Rush - Moleman Thanks for watching! Share this article Share The pair enjoyed their day out, embracing each other and sharing lingering kisses while gazing out at the water. Tziporah wrapped her arms around her new beau, who opted to wear a pair of patterned shorts The look of love!

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If you enjoyed the video, be sure to smack that Like button, it only takes 1. At times, the lovebirds put on a tactile display, including sharing a quick kiss and a hug while looking out at the river together Fun in the sun!

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Be sure to click the Like button, it literally only takes 1. D Want to watch more Gun Game Reactions? So trueultimatefilms youtuber was making a minecraft machinima on my server so i took the opportunity to troll them and sabotage the project.

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In June, Tziporah was first pictured with her handsome new man at a Sydney restaurant, before confirming the relationship to New Idea magazine. If you enjoyed the video, be sure to click the Like button, it only takes 1.

If you enjoyed the video, be sure to smack the Like button, it only takes 1.

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The former model sipped on some water as they basked in the sun together Tziporah recently told Sydney Confidential that her recent weight loss has made her look and feel better. If you enjoyed the video, don't forget to smack the Like button, it only takes 1. Subscribe to the Director here: Watch the infamous masked murderer from the movie Halloween in action!

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Meanwhile, her Sydney-based personal trainer beau Justin showed off his gym-honed physique in a pair of blue, white and red board shorts.

Enjoy the hilarious Call of Duty trolling!

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Despite the sunny weather, the love-struck couple opted to only get their feet wet, spending most of their time laying on their towels chatting together. Steal Your Girl pranks a boyfriend into thinking his girlfriend is cheating on him!

Proving her knack for style, the former s 'It girl' wrapped a multi-coloured floral sarong around her waist and completed her outfit with a pair of stylish shades. The transformation is incredible! But I'm finding myself wanting to order different food,' she added. Please like the video!

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Hope you guys enjoy this one, and be sure to like the video! During the romantic outing the couple chatted while laying on a towel, at times they appeared deep in conversation 'He's a very nice person,' she divulged, before admitting she had some reservations about it, 'I'm not sure where it's going, and besides, he's a private person.

But he had trouble finding the register Tziporah and her boyfriend looked relaxed as they chatted during their romantic outing in the Queensland tourist mecca Warm embrace!

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We bet you've never seen a kid rage this hard on Call of Duty before! Outro Song Artist's name: If you enjoyed the video, don't forget to click the Like button, it only takes 1.

She also explained to her Instagram fans in July that her older beau Justin has been instrumental in her dramatic weight loss. Here is what was finished of the video he was making: