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Carmen is very sick and they move to Amsterdam again.

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But faith strikes again and a week after that Carmen gets sick again. Then a miracle, Carmen is better. That is the moment he sees what he is doing. Nobody gets hurt ipfob online dating him having some cuts and bruises and he had to spend the night in jail.

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Going in and out of the hospital, first chemotherapy and later radiation therapy, throw up, the whole cancer package is there. They go on a holiday together where Carmen finds out that Roos is still trying to contact Stijn, and she breaks down.

He goes home and decides to take care of Carmen and Luna for as long as it takes.

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He keeps supporting Carmen to the hospital and through everything, but his double life gets busier until he breaks. When she wets herself in bed, she decides is enough.

His second life is over. She wants a divorce. By day he's all but support to Carmen, by night he goes out, drinks and has lots of sex with lots of woman.

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Surrounded by family and friends she gets through her last weeks. But stuck on the other side of the world on paradise with each other brings them closer than the have been in a long time, and the are heading to a happily ever after.

She says goodbye to all her loved ones, including Luna, which is very emotional. He gets in his car, under influence and causes several accidents.

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After getting in a terrible fight with Carmen and disappointing her and their daughter, in a discotheque he can't think about anything else.

He promises her that. Carmen has always known that Stijn is not the faithful type, but after her breast is amputated she gets less confident and finds herself troubling over his unfaithfulness.

They are young, successful and wealthy. Stijn has trouble dealing with it and starts living a second life.

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Stijn can't handle this and escapes into the arms of Roos again. She only will get worse, and she is sick of it. When Carmen is passed away, it takes some time, she stronger than they thought, he calls Roos and asks her to be at the funeral.

Stijn is with her in these last minutes and the love is evident. With chemo they can prolong that any but not much, she will not be getting better from this.

Then the world collapses as Carmen is diagnosed with breast cancer. For Stijn it has always been just sex, until he meets Roos.

Herman Van Veen:Signalen (1984)

She asks of Stijn to quit cheating and to work things out between them. During the cancer period he sees her more and more. Movie Info Stijn and Carmen have everything: They live a perfect live in Amsterdam and move to Amstelveen when they have a child, Luna.

The cancer has spread and she has only several months left.

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The day after her doctor commits euthanasia.