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Unfortunately, that'll have to wait until he after he and his very excited dad have a chat about his new "girlfriend. Meanwhile, Team Phantom are in Danny's room putting the proverbial pieces together.

I'm sure Sam'll love it. It is also mentioned in "Public Enemies" that Maddie is a 9th degree black belt.

Valerie, who watched the whole brutal fight, now comes out and picks up what's left of her suit. There are multiple headcanons on him, to help strengthen his character.

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Danny denies it, which Jack only laughs off, saying that he's clueless. Dim lights, stalled Ferris wheels She's lying on her bed puzzling over the mystery when she hears the beep of an incoming IM on her computer.

Anyone of three names I have. Make a holographic form to lead them to the machine that will give them their costumes. I just finished putting the finishing touches on it and put it on.

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Also with this suit, I can blend in with the shadows. Like, there are so many Danny Phantom fans who went behind this idea and only decided to keep adding and adding to the concept!

Since Technus stole Valerie's suit, he must have been behind the attack at the lab, which means he must be trying to hack into the computer satellite so he can use it to control every computer in the world.

Technus then makes his escape, hiding inside Valerie's flirting with disaster danny phantom game. One that I hope all of you would enjoy, much like how many of you did with my yandere Timmy post, which by the way is my most reposted entry to date!!!

Flirting with Disaster

While Valerie gloats over her new upgrade, Technus finally completes the security code, gaining access to the main computer. Danny learns that this is never easy.

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I cohen holloway dating like you Danny. She tells Danny to run, which he does. I have no romantic feelings towards you.

And finally rule 3: Val would make a great edition to the team. Danny takes the jetpack and a space helmet then blasts off into space something which he is rather excited for while Valerie follows suit, much to her father's dismay. Danny heads to the computer hub, where he can see from the binary code flashing on the screens in the room that Technus is still inside trying to crack the code.

Technus eventually gets the upper hand, though, and is poised to blast her head off when Danny Phantom flies in and knocks him away from her.

Leaving Valerie to take care of Danny Phantom, he beams himself up to the satellite, which transforms into his likeness, becoming a body with him as the brain. Anyways, this guy is awesome and I love him, and I hope that you all enjoyed Wes just like I did!

It's a weapons vault but armory sounds cooler.

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Her father doesn't believe her, and she ends up stomping to her room in a huff. Danny flies off once the suit is destroyed, leaving Valerie to see what a dangerous threat Danny Phantom has become, thinking he was trying to destroy her. Why do you want me to do that anyways?

He even gives Danny a ring for that very purpose.

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His character and background sure is interesting! She walks away, and we all follow. But the ring is a gag joke here and there. One of the results of Technus' mass computer takeover.

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After my telepathic conversation with Sam, I start to explain the machine. While the students and teacher panic and run, Danny ducks into another room, goes ghost, and flies out as Danny Phantom, prepared to fight.

Dash steps into the machine in his underwear and comes out in his costume. I have a cd that kick him out. When I do, I'll take over the world.

I can give you a new one if you want to keep ghost hunting. He guesses that Valerie isn't in there, which Technus confirms by pointing to her walking towards them. She is already chosen to be the Red Huntress.

Technus is ready to stop his interference with his plans once and for all when Valerie joins the fight. Uh, b-but I thought She shoots an electrical current at him through the board that makes him stiffen and groan in pain.

I'm taking my bike. Danny is totally aware over the fact that Wes is trying to out him as Phantom.

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You go by three names? Everyone picks their weapons. Inside, Damon Gray gives the tour but briefly stops to chat with Danny about his daughter and tells him to keep all ghost-related matters away from her.

This episode provides examples of:

Valerie and Star sit at a table next to them where the interaction between the two sets of friends is anything but kind. And then how later on in the episode, Danny gave the ring to Sam and when she looked at the engraving, a joke was made by her saying: Here I am waiting in the shadows of the building where the elevator to the Phantom Cave is at.

But I do believe that what the Phandom did was hilarious and awesome at the same time! And usually within the cases that Wes finally does talk to Danny, these two actually do become friends.

I always wear it in a ring if I fight a ghost without using my you-know-what. While Danny's blind with fury, Technus grabs him by the throat, gives him a powerful shock, and tosses him into a tower of boxes that collapses on him.

Like his love for basketball!