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Flirting with toriel fanart, characters

Reason All text is formatted using DText If this post was automatically deleted, then it means that the janitors that reviewed it thought it didn't belong on this site.

When flirting with Toriel

Final Source If present, the source field will be changed to this after replacement. What is typically discouraged: This serves as a way to grace posts post All users are limited to one appeal a day.

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Explain concisely why a post should be deleted. Not anime-related, such as photos of American porn actresses.


These are some common reasons to flag a post: Most common use case. For more details, please read the wiki. You must give a valid reason for flagging a post. Identical images from different sources unless you can confirm that an artist uploaded a sample to one site and not another.

This sends it to the moderation queuewhere it has three days to be re-approved before it is deleted.

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Multiple pages of a manga, doujinshior comic that don't stand up to individual scrutiny Fake hard translations: Images of non-identical filetypes that aren't samples. Posts that have been edited with false or poor quality translations The following are NOT valid reasons for flagging a post: Text or logo inserted by someone besides the original artist.

When flirting with Toriel

Objectionable content that does NOT violate Danbooru's posting guidelines or Terms of Servicesuch as lolishotaguro or bestiality. File The source URL to download the replacement from.

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Exhibits unacceptably bad anatomybad perspectiveor bad proportions. See image sample for information. If done in a timely enough manner, this should also be appropriate to use for that purpose.

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Reason All text is formatted using DText This feature will allow you to replace a post's image with another image in place. Fixing the order is also permitted to some extent.

File history

If you still believe this image was wrongfully deleted, then you can appeal its deletion. Images uploaded on accident by a user corrupted images, incorrect tweets, pre-revisions, etc.

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Upload the original, and flag or delete the inferior counterpart. See topic for further discussion.