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Flirtini champagne cocktail recipe. Flirtini cocktail recipe | in the spirit

Sage simple syrup provides an herbal nuance to this pear-liqueur-based sparkling wine cocktail. This roundup of 15 fizzy cocktails will help you decide for yourself which presentation you prefer.

This is one classic cocktail recipe that you need to know by heart. Stir the sugar and water together in a saucepan over medium-low height until the sugar flirtini champagne cocktail recipe.

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Remove the seeds from the Pomegranate I used the water methodstrain, and set aside. With the added subtle floral aromatic component of mint, the drink has beautiful rose water aromas.

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Hold the glass at an angle when pouring so the sparkling wine stays separated from the simple syrup. This drink is more explosive with its flavor and aroma than the pomegranate cocktail above, so if you like a more intensely aromatic drink, this one is for you.

If you want to enhance the warm flavors of this cocktail even further, a few spoonfuls of ginger liqueur are the perfect sidekick for ginger beer. Fresh thyme and a turbinado sugar and black pepper rim tame the sweetness of this magenta sip.

Champagne Cocktail Recipe List

Raspberry-Black Pepper Champagne Cocktail: Pull from heat and let the mixture macerate for another 5—10 minutes before straining and reserving the liquid. Elderflower Champagne is a welcome upgrade from the usual ginger beer or lemonade typically found in this refreshing, fizzy beverage.

Adding sparkling wine to the classic negroni takes off a bit of the bitter edge. When I was making the simple syrup, I noticed the pomegranate seeds added a slight bitterness to the syrup. Put a teaspoon of pomegranate simple syrup in the bottom of a flute and cover with a spoonful of fresh pomegranates.

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A cinnamon- and orange-tea-infused sweet vermouth is an extra special addition to this tasty punch. Look out for all the cake, donuts, and ice cream every Wednesday.

Flirtini - Pinapple Champagne Martini - Will Cook For Smiles

I made a half-batch of pomegranate simple syrup and transferred it to a squeeze bottle for ease of service. Happily, this trick makes it much more brunch -appropriate at the same time. If mimosas, screwdrivers and bellinis all got shaken together into one superb sip, this would be it.

Pomegranates macerating in simple syrup after being pulled from the burner.

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To alleviate this, I added 15 allspice berries during the maceration period. Pineapple juice and rum give this peppy punch a boozy tropical feel that works all year long.

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Can we just talk about the edible gold glitter stars for a sec? But be warned, each one makes it a whole lot easier to pop open a bottle of bubbly — cheers. By the way, one bottle of sparkling wine contains 5 servings. Your taste buds will tingle from the combo of bubbles and sweet-tart candied kumquats.

Steps to make a Flirtini Cocktail

Or you can feast on these other dessert bites Must be a valid email address! Pom White Tea Fizz: DIY vanilla-bean-infused simple syrup is a terrific counterpoint to smokey bourbon in this festive drink. Here's our 4 Layer Donut Cake recipe.

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Vodka, pineapple and bubbly are the only ingredients required to shake up this cocktail made famous by Sex and the City.