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Before you greet him, look at him and see if you notice anything about him that might be considered "common ground". I am a guy and when I think someone is cute its basically saying hot but trying not to be pushy or offend the girl.

Where do you find cute guys?

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I'm one of those guys whose kind of both. Some women can pull off good looks and are naturally sexy and then there are the cute girls that a lot of guys really like. If you see him anywere outside of school, just walk past him and say "Hi" or "Hey" Dont stop to have a conversation only if he asks you something.

Ask his friends, and if he says your hot, go out with him because he likes you. That's what i did he was a cutie pie Why are Asian guys flirtitude boykini large What does it mean when a guy liquidating business assets depreciation you cute?

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Keep your cool, dont burst out laughing or snorting. Everyone makes mistakes, and he will like it if you show him you can recover from one. Do yourself up sometimes like your makeup, hair, clothes and were some perfume. Answer Personally I don't know if Asian guys are cute or not as I am a man, but Asian women are very cute.

For instance, a favorite music artist or hobby. If you and him have never met before, then introduce yourself to him and tell him how old you are, at the same time asking his age and name.

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A man typically describes a woman as "cute" if she exudes a more playful, "bubbly"-type personality; a girlish appearance hairstyle, clothing style and accessories and smiles and laughs openly and often.

He's too shy to say that he really likes you. Why are cute guys bad boys? Well you can find them at school or at the mall or just anywhere u look How do you flirt with a cute guy?

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Try to find things that he is interested in, and if y. Also they are cute because you think they're cute.

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I think the best way is to try to be yourself. The things they say they way they act. There is knock-out beautiful, and then "cute. If you have long hair, dont tuck it and flipp it over your shoulder when walking past him. Which guys are cute?

May 06, 2013

Cute is more of the little kiddish term. Try to talk a little. Here is the way to talk to a cute guy: Maybe because they think that since they are sooo cute they can get by with they're looks New Answer: Why are guys cute?

If it is an older guy, he probaly thinks your hot, but he just doesnt want to say that to a "little" girl. You shouldn't go out with a boy just coz u think he's cute, you should get to know him, his personality.

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Hot Boys think that just because they're so cute they can do bad things and stuff but that cant. Depends on what type of guy.

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So he is trying to see if you're interested. Look at what he's doing or what he's wearing. If you want a cute guy,you need to be really sweet and kind and go to a skate park and meet one who likes u. I'm not going to give a curt little answer like "Be yourself", because I know that's not what you're looking for.

Dont load it on, just a little spritz.

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Some guys will try to act like they don't like you and play it cool or shy. Not all cute guys are Jerks.

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If a guys bad but cute don't hang out with them you don't want to be bad to. I personally prefer someone that is cute. You have to go on your own judgement. It means he thinks you're cute.