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Bamboo Made from the pulp of bamboo jordin sparks dating history, Bamboo fabric is light and strong. A couple of styles to choose from.

I know that cotton underwear isn't going to have the nice stretchiness and ability to retain their shape that my current underwear has, but I'd like to get as close as possible.

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Soma makes a seamless cotton underwear that you might like. Fabric Glossary Acrylic A synthetic fiber known for its wicking capabilities due to its quick drying time, Acrylic adds strength and durability to fabrics.

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The undie selection in their stores was crap last time I looked, but they sell a wide variety on their website, like these for example. Spandex Spandex, also known as Elastane, is a synthetic fiber made from polyurethane. Organic Cotton Made from non-genetically altered plants, Organic Cotton is certified when grown without the use of agricultural chemicals.

Fabrics made with Microfiber are light-weight and durable, matching the qualities of natural fibers.

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Happy to order online, or go to a store; I'm in Seattle. Viscose Rayon Viscose is the oldest manufactured fiber, and is ideal for intimate apparel. Taxi or rideshare or something else? I mention the lace-edged flirtitude cotton underwear in particular because they are smoother under clothes than the non-lace-edged ones.

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Latex Latex is made with rubber and therefore tends to be skin-tight. They're almost seamless and very soft and comfortable. I like Aerie's lace-edged undies for the same reason as wondermouse, but they tend to fall apart quickly in the wash.

Now, more than ever, you get more choice in what you wear and when you wear it.

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Rayon A manufactured fiber made of regenerated cellulose derived from plant materials, Rayon has a soft and comfortable Silk-like feel. No products in the cart. Looking for women's cotton seamless underwear June 24, 2: Extremely soft, it is traditionally glossy on one side, and dull on the other.

What I like about my current underwear: Target carries them and as i remember, there are a few cuts other than hipsters - bikini, boy shorts, etc.

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Not sure if they come in cotton - the ones I've found are microfiber, but that's breathable, so might work for you? It has wicking properties, is somewhat antibacterial, and is perfect for those with allergic reactions to other alternative fibers, like wool and hemp.

It is made from long fibers, and provides a higher quality fabric than other Cottons. It is soft and lightweight, and provides exceptional wicking capabilities. DKNY has a similar laser cut cotton bikini that's a little more affordable. It is soft, comfortable and breathes well.

I've found them in stock at Saks if you want to see them in person since they're pretty spendy. I'd also like to be able to buy a bunch of them, including several black pairs. If you already like the fit, they may be worth a try.

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Added bonus -- the laser cut edge means no VPL. Athletic and performance fabric combinations.

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Fabrics made with Viscose Rayon are typically silk-like, and feel somewhat heavy against the skin. Silk A filament fiber formed from proteins secreted by silkworms, Silk is known for its softness, insulation and strength.

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Nylon A synthetic fabric made from petroleum product, Nylon was first developed as an alternative to Silk. Polyester An extremely durable synthetic fiber, Polyester has superb strength, resilience and generally does not wrinkle.

I've been looking on Amazon and get overwhelmed by choices and I have a tendency to let a few bad reviews of an otherwise well reviewed product talk me out of ordering them.

Quick-dry fabric Every day and special occasion fabrics.

Seamless underwear?

Organza A semi-translucent, sheer fabric with a look and feel similar to Satin, Organza is a lightweight fabric blend of Nylon, Polyester, and Silk. They're reasonably priced, typically have lots of designs and are frequently on sale.

Combed Cotton A type of extremely soft and lustrous Cotton subjected to an extra production step in which short fibers are removed, and remaining fibers are straightened.

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An alternative to Latex, it is lightweight, elastic, durable, and resistant to moisture.