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The outlet sheath 8 for the dirty water outlet is transparent. Head over 5m will damage the filter and could even burst the container. In this manner, the filtered pond water is enriched with oxygen prior to returning to the pond.

In this manner it can be individually adapted to the degree of soiling.


The control console is used to program the functions of the Fisiotek device. Clearpond offer a liquid to prime filter systems, a great way to hasten biological activity. Pond Planet accepts no responsibility for goods returned to us unless signed proof can be provided.

So if the filter was mounted 1m above the pond surface, the pressure free outlet must not exceed 6m There is however another factor in head calculations if long hose lengths are used, see "Friction loss in hose" under How to calculate your friction loss if your hose will be more than 3m.

Bandpass, Highpass, Lowpass Filters

Assembly is reduced to the outlet and the inlet and dirty water outlet connections. Your pond therefore virtually cleans itself.

Slightly lift the foam holder 13 by pulling, press in the blue engagement hooks 48 at the foam holders 13then take out the foam holders 13 downward Figure T. If necessary, connect a DN70 pipe 26 to the outlet 4 as an extension to allow the filtered pond water to return into the pond.

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Bandpass Filters

Aussie's additional thoughts Tip 1: Engineering data Power supply: In this manner, the degree of soiling of the outflowing water is visible during future cleaning. This pump is a little too strong, unless a waterfall over 1m is in place. In any way can't Lastmanuals be held responsible if the document you are looking for is not available, incomplete, in a different language what does radiocarbon dating mean yours, or if the model or language do not match the description.

The integrated thermometer permanently measures the water temperature, thereby forming the reference value for the operating programs.

Oase FiltoMatic CWS Operating Instructions Manual: Installation

The hand-held programmable keypad has been designed to empower the patient to actively participate in rehabilitation therapy when possible. Screw the outlet 4 on the outlet screw We will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully in accordance with the Data Protection Act and inline with our Privacy Policy.

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Oase Pond Filters

A little under size for some pond sizes, but would work if the pond were smaller than the filters maximum volume rating. The programmable features make it possible to meet different rehabilitation needs through means of customised and therefore more effective control. The controller is water tight and can also be operated without the silicone cover.

Please use the following table as a basis for the pit dimensions: In a nut shell Setting the dirty water pump As the water temperature, the degree of soiling of the pond water greatly depends on the fish population. With its UV light, the UVC clarifying unit operating under water removes green algae, as such forming a significant component for pond water cleaning.


Manual pumping out of the dirty water The dirty water can also be removed by pumping manually. Other parts of the filter system are designed to support colonization of anaerobic micro-organisms that reduce nitrate to nitrogen. Partial container drainage - LED is lit green: How it all works: Write a review UK Delivery Order before 2: The information display provides extremely sharp graphic symbol images that are clear and easy to understand to make use intuitive.

Cleaning is then completed. We also take fraud very seriously so all credit and debit card transactions are subject to validation, authorisation and security checks by both the card issuer and ourselves.

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Place the pump at the opposite end of the pond to the water return, and in the deepest part of the pond. The dirty water pump pumps out the dirt from the container bottom in intervals.

Fisiotek TS - Rimec

However, you can never have too much pond flow, so, by having a slightly oversize pump and releasing water directly back into the pond or on to a feature or waterfall through a "Tee" with a valve tapadded circulation is provided for the pond.

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Carry out the alignment using a spirit level. Release the blue engagement hooks 19 on both sides, then remove the inner cover 47 including the foam holders 13 out of the container Figure S.

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The UVC lamp was active for operating hours; remaining operating life: The control console; The hand-held programmable keypad; Both units display new self-explanatory graphic symbols that provide clear images to make use easy and intuitive.

Water is pumped into the unit and passes under the UVC lamp into the vortex system settling zone. Dirt particles are trapped by the outer surface of the filter sponges before the water flows the entire length of the inner chamber.

FiltoClear - OASE

Limbs from 72 cm to cm in length can be rehabilitated: OASE's recommendation for this cleaning work is the use of the pond sludge suction unit Pondovac. The asymmetric frame structure permits anatomically correct movement: Please refer to the Installation chapter for the installation of a DN70 pipe.

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Your details are safe with us as we take security very seriously indeed. The buyer must ensures that the goods are securely and adequately packed to avoid damage and the purchaser pays all postage costs. This moisture is negligible and does not affect the controller function.

As an extension for the outlet, OASE recommends the following: F3TS Description Fisiotek TS model permits mobilisation of the knee andhip joints by means of flexion-extension movement, and of the ankle by means ofplantar flexion and dorsiflexion: Place the flat sealing 5 over the outlet screw 25 pre-fitted on the housing.

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Suspended matter and bio-sludge are moved by centrifugal effect and gravity. Pores of the filter sponges form a large inner surface for micro-organisms to colonize and convert ammonium to nitrate. In general, cleaning work can be omitted when the FiltoMatic CWS is used in a newly installed garden pond.

Adhere to the safety information for the correct and safe use of the unit.

Replacement foam for Oase filters

Ensure a minimum incline of 1. The four different cleaning programs allow to individually adapt the interval for pumping off the dirty water to the degree of soiling. Goods must be returned in perfect and unused condition, in their original packaging. Fill the quantity of Biokick CWS sufficient for the volume of your pond into the infill opening