Pond air pump l/h Oase OxyTec Set CWS from Conrad Electronic UK Pond air pump l/h Oase OxyTec Set CWS from Conrad Electronic UK

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I must say that i did get a great deal of knowledge from the following DIY koi fish pond ebooks and bonus downloads. Effect of raising the filter outlet: The pump flow rate, typically in litres per hour lph or litres per minute lpm is determined by the vertical lift, in metres, from the surface of the pond to the outlet pipe AND by the friction losses through the system.

Note, to achieve maximum flow over the watercourse, fully close the low level valve and fully open the high level valve. This Bio mechanical water filtration gala 20 lecie polsatu online dating is for Koi, fish ponds, and water gardens but could be just as easily applied to other situations.

It is therefore essential, especially for those systems with a raised outlet, to keep the filter foams clean.

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This effectively reduces the maximum pond volume that the filter system can cope with and may mean you will require a larger pump. Raising the outlet pipe height, typically for a watercourse or waterfall, will reduce the flow rate from the pump thereby increasing the amount of time it takes to circulate the dirty pond water through the filter.

Im sure it will also help you too: The system was built and tested thoroughly in about 3 hrs and should require very little maintenance at all. As the filter media e.

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The importance of regular maintenance cleaning: The filter was designed to replicate a natural wetland type system and should allow for optimum fish and plant conditions. Further information can be found at www. There will also be a friction loss caused across the filter media foams etcwhich will increase as they become polluted with pond waste.

Dissolved oxygen DO is a major contributor to water quality. Please contact us and we would be happy to advise you. By adjusting the Y Distributor outlet valves to suit your preference you can choose to have all or partial flow going to the pond or watercourse.

Abonnieren Sie doch gleich unseren Teichreport-Kanal. They taught me loads of great tips and tricks i needed to help me along the way building and designing my pond and filter system.

Full pond pump & filtration system - Oase Aquamax 8000 & Oase Flitoclear 6000 (UVC 9/11 W)

RDV sur la nouvelle boutique: The pond stocking levels will determine the required turnover rate which in turn determines the required pump flow rate. Connect to the intake of a pump solids handling for an easy retrofit into any pond.

An option worth consideration. Informationen in diesem Video zu: So typically, when there is nobody in the garden you select full maximum, low level flow back to the pond high level valve closedthereby achieving optimum filtration.

The narrower the pipe bore the higher the friction losses, so always use the maximum hose diameter. Typically, an ornamental pond without any fish will require the pond volume to be circulated at least once every 6 hours; an average stocked pond with up to 1 kg of fish for every litres will require circulating once every 4 hours; a heavily stocked pond including Koi with up to 3 kg of fish for every litres will require circulating once every 2 hours.

However, when you are in the garden, you can open up the valve to the watercourse to enjoy the pleasant sound of water running down your watercourse.

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The bio filtration system after a few weeks will aid good bacteria to grow on the filter medium for great fish health. Filtoclear Set pump selections allow for increased pressure drop across the filter foams as they become polluted with pond waste see the importance of regular maintenance, below.

In this filter Rod creates an aerobic system that will breakdown fish waste Ammonia and convert it to nitrate for plants and will allow more fish to be kept in the pond.