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Flirtomatic cws 25000 yen, delivery information

Pull the used foam filters 49 over the handle of the foam holder 12 by pulling and insert new foam filters 49 in the opposite order Figure U.

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See the chart above for improvements in pond volume. With its UV light, the UVC clarifying unit operating under water removes green algae, as such forming a significant component for pond water cleaning.

Please contact us and we would be happy to advise you. This effectively reduces the maximum pond volume that the filter system can cope with and may mean you will require a larger pump. In any way can't Lastmanuals be held responsible if the document you are looking for is not available, incomplete, in a different language than yours, or if the model or language do not match the description.

User manual OASE FILTOMATIC CWS - Download your OASE FILTOMATIC CWS user guide or user manual

As the filter media e. The controller is water tight and can also be operated without the silicone cover. This moisture is negligible and does not affect the controller function.

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Oase Filtomatic CWS 25000

Slightly lift the foam holder 13 by pulling, press in the blue engagement hooks 48 at the foam holders 13then take out the foam holders 13 downward Figure T. The narrower the pipe bore the higher the friction losses, so always use the maximum hose diameter.

The UVC lamp was active for operating hours; remaining operating life: The dirty water pump pumps out the dirt from the container bottom in intervals.

Ensure that all work with this unit is only carried out in accordance with these instructions.

Oase FiltoMatic CWS Operating Instructions Manual

The silicone cover protects the controller from soiling; it impairs neither the display reading nor the functionality of the keys.

Partial container drainage - LED is lit green: Release the blue engagement hooks 19 on both sides, then remove the inner cover 47 including the foam holders 13 out of the container Figure S. There will also be a friction loss caused across the filter media foams etcwhich will increase as they become polluted with pond waste.

The integrated thermometer permanently measures the water temperature, thereby forming the reference value for the operating programs.

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The Clear Water System is made up of the following components:

Manual pumping out of the dirty water The dirty water can also be removed by pumping manually. The pump flow rate, typically in litres per hour lph or litres per minute lpm is determined by the vertical lift, in metres, from the surface of the pond to the outlet pipe AND by the friction losses through the system.

Please also hand over the operating instructions when passing the unit on to a new owner. In this manner it can be individually adapted to the degree of soiling.

Release the UVC C6 key when the desired operating program is displayed. Effect of raising the filter outlet: The importance of regular maintenance cleaning: The pond stocking levels will determine the required turnover rate which in turn determines the required pump flow rate.

FiltoMatic CWS the self-washed filter

Setting the dirty water pump As the water temperature, the degree of soiling of the pond water greatly depends on the fish population. Filtoclear Set pump selections allow for increased pressure drop across the filter foams as they become polluted with pond waste see the importance of regular maintenance, below.

Pump blocked - LED off: The four different cleaning programs allow to individually adapt the interval for pumping off the dirty water to the degree of soiling. Lastmanuals, for instance, does not offer a translation service.

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UVC clarifying unit is switched off Note: Dissolved oxygen DO is a major contributor to water quality. Raising the outlet pipe height, typically for a watercourse or waterfall, will reduce the flow rate from the pump thereby increasing the amount of time it takes to circulate the dirty pond water through the filter.

Typically, an ornamental pond without any fish will require the pond volume to be circulated at least once every 6 hours; an average stocked pond with up to 1 kg of fish for every litres will require circulating once every 4 hours; a heavily stocked pond including Koi with up to 3 kg of fish for every litres will require circulating once every 2 hours.

It is therefore essential, especially for those systems with a raised outlet, to keep the filter foams clean. Adhere to the safety information for the correct and safe use of the unit. Fill the quantity of Biokick CWS sufficient for the volume of your pond into the infill opening