Viewpoint Lounge in Portland, Oregon Viewpoint Lounge in Portland, Oregon

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Punk runs in your bloodstream? The "smallest park in the world", a title backed up by the Guinness Book of Records, Mill Ends was originally created satirically for the purpose of being "a leprechaun colony and racetrack for snails. Each MAX line runs every goeie more my liefie dating minutes at most stops for most of the day, with service every 30 minutes in the wee hours of the night.

Mississippi Studios

By bike[ edit ] Portland is an excellent city for cycling, with a network of streets designed to be predominantly used by bicyclists. Even public transit is bike-friendly here. If you must park downtown, the best parking deal is any of the six SmartPark garages maintained by the City of Portland. Dinner is great, but the drinks are better.

Mississippi Studios boasts great acoustics … and even offers the chance to rent an apartment in the venue Mississippi Studios Mississippi Studios used to be a Baptist church, and if you have ears, or very recently had ears, the expertly designed acoustics at this venue are just for you.

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The verdant West Hills slope up from downtown and divide it from the suburbs of Beaverton, Hillsboro and others. However there are topographical features that affect how streets and roads flow, so planning and maps are important for any journey of more than a few blocks.

By clicking on an affiliate link, you accept that Skimlinks cookies will be set. Check listings for details Valentines Tucked away — no, really, this place is hard to find — on SW Ankeny Street, Valentines feels like a speakeasy. There are lots of mechanical mods and rebuildables and supplies.

If you hear Portlanders talking about Southwest or Northeast, they're probably talking about a sector of the town rather than Arizona or Massachusetts. Check listings for details Portlanders Aaron Rayburn and Ben Vickery are co-founders of local culture, art and design blog fortport.

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A large arboretum with paved trails of varying lengths and over 1, species of trees and plants in a natural setting.

You can pay fare, or buy passes, at any MAX station ticket machine but expect the occasional out-of-order machineon-board any streetcar, or on any bus with exact change. Inconvenient, expensive and hard-to-find parking, combined with active parking meter enforcement 8AM-7PM and non-intuitive street closures, transit malls, and restrictions, make it frustrating even for locals.

On the First Thursday of every month, all art galleries in the Pearl district open their doors for casual viewing, and many serve wine and cheese. A sushi roll of humanity, if you will. Streetcar-only tickets can be purchased via credit card from vending machines at streetcar stops, and in cash from ticket machines onboard the streetcar.

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For a scenic walk, the Eastside Esplanade along the Willamette River across from downtown offers lovely views of the skyline. A haven of tranquil beauty which has been proclaimed as one of the most authentic Japanese gardens outside of Japan. If you only ride it down the mountain from OHSU, it is free.

This should make it easier to figure out where things are. MAX stations are usually unstaffed and there are no ticket barriers. It has a very clean, nice, friendly atmosphere, you can try out all of the juices. An extensive system map is available for a small cost from the TriMet store in Pioneer Square.

Additionally, many major streets have striped bike lanes. Top talent rolls through though, and it has a rich — if not sometimes grossly weird — gritty history. The tram is sleek and offers an excellent view of Downtown and the surrounding area, with splendid views of the mountains on a clear day.

By public transit[ edit ] TriMet operates the Portland metro area's extensive public transit system of buses, MAX light rail trains, and streetcars.

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While this is a great venue to see a show, be aware that it's a half an hour drive outside the city centre.

The largest rose test garden in U. Check listings for details Holocene Photograph: The small space and two-level layout ensures that you're never far from the act.

A popular event which takes place annually in mid-August and is great for spectators. Many intersections are designed with pedestrians in mind, and Portland has a lot of street life.

Downtown Portland is the heart of the city, centered around Pioneer Square and home to modern commercial towers, new condominiums, and converted lofts, along with several museums and urban parks of interest to tourists, including Tom McCall Waterfront Park along the river.

Smartphone users iPhone or Android can use the TriMet Tickets app to buy digital tickets; show your ticket on the phone screen to the bus driver or any fare inspector, and make sure your phone's battery doesn't die!

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The bike streets are generally signed with green "Bike Route" signs. Hours vary, but generally Wed-Thurs, Sat 8. Portland, OR, USA I was downstairs checking out the imported wares while waiting in the area NE 82nd for an auto repair and was informed there were e-cigs upstairs.

Buses[ edit ] Many of TriMet's buses run from Downtown to other parts of the city, though a growing number of crosstown or local routes do not. Additionally, car-sharing services available in Portland include car2go and Zipcar. The park contains a couple of reservoirs and lots of winding trails, and is also the home of the popular PDX Soapbox Derby event see below under Do.