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Turn off all the lights except for those on the tree, and admire its beauty. The Vicar of Dibley Christmas episode featured a scene in which Geraldine reminds the parish council about the true meaning of Christmas while they're rehearsing their nativity play in response to Owen suggesting that it wasn't the Greatest Story Ever Told compared to, "The one where the couple had burglers break into their house and thought chat flirt fun didn't take anything, but a few months later had their pictures developed and got photographs of the burglers sticking their toothbrushes up their bottoms".

Keep a candle burning

Been a hectic month at work…I guess I'll talk to you later. What's your fave ice-cream flavor? There are two separate things to celebrate at the end of December. Ray Hattingh, South Africa As a firm believer in secularism I am glad that the true meaning of Christmas has been lost.

Though one could also take it as him talking about himself. We all now have to work until In those cases, it's best to be straightforward and sincere.

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For flirts without trying meaning of christmas children, Christmas is a time to doubt the existence of Santa.

Saturday AND Sunday in the office? Because if you try to prolong the conversation as much as you can than after a certain time it gets boring and that is not a good sign and it will show in her body language but if you still try to continue than that is just creepy.

Thomas, England We certainly have lost the meaning of Christmas. Gayle Sansum, England For those of us who are celebrating the birth of Christ, Christmas has more meaning each time we celebrate it.

I believe that Christian values and teachings have gradually given way to mass consumerism.

Christmas starts too early.

I have no gripe with those who do not wish to celebrate Christmas but to celebrate it whilst systematically stripping it off its intrinsic meaning is folly. To others it is a day of feasting and merriment or even just a well-earned day off work. This Christmas, remember the real reason for the festival — the birth of Jesus Christ.

Ask yourself how you can help out others who are not as fortunate as you. Last year, she gave coupons for teaching calligraphy and needlepoint, even tutoring for the SAT exams.

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People still have a good time and are happy so why should this holiday not evolve into what it has become without the whingers complaining? That is something worth celebrating every single day of the year!

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Not the staff or parents who feel pressured into buying 'the gift' for their child they just want our time and money. But Jesus stepped in and gave me true hope and love.

We've lost meaning of Christmas beneath the glitz, warns David Blunkett

We put up our lights, light candles, decorate our homes with pagan plants such as holly and mistletoe, we gather together to feast and intoxicate ourselves. If you plant ten or more trees, American Forests will send a personalized certificate to you or the person of your choice.

Voyagerwhen Tom Paris tells Harry Kim how he accidentally caused the deaths of three Starfleet officers: Eat by tree light After the tree is decorated, have a meal around it.

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In general it is better to leave the conversation sooner rather than later. This is pure evil or at best insanity. Why on earth we spend so much time and money preparing for this non-event is beyond me.

Definition of Christmas creep

However there is one reason; when Jesus was born, the kings bought him presents. We celebrate also the birth of Christ, it matters not if we got the date wrong.

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Alan Tranter Try working over Christmas. Seuss ' How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

Society's way of pushing us to work harder

Also, many schools and public facilities are not allowing any Christmas decorations or even for people to say "Merry Christmas. I recently saw an trailer for a programme to be aired on Christmas Eve about Satan.

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Just try not to do a victory dance before you are out of sight.