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Aikuro may look lame in his disguise as a teacher but once you remove all that he is actually a stunning man.

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With just one flex of his muscles, he can tear his top garments instantly. Iwatobi Swim Club Free! Is overflowing with hot topless guys but we believe that Haruka tops them all when it comes to this category.

We always see him internet dating con artists productions his body at its peak in order to go all out during his battles.

Brotherhood Hagane no Renkijutsushi Episodes: He is tall and has good built making it a very nice combination. Kagami is the ace and power forward of Seirin High and one of his most powerful trait of his is his jumping ability.

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He might look weird giving those poses but hey, he sure does have the body to show it off. Despite this, he truly cares for his students and when push comes to shove, he becomes collected and serious.

His hard earned muscles deserve him to have a spot on our list. He is probably the only one who could pull off wearing nothing but a leaf covering him through at the cost of him being dimmed as a pervert. He is a quiet young man and may come off as expressionless, but once we dig dipper into his character, the audience can see how abundant his expressions are.

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Ichigo from the very beginning is not just your ordinary person as he is able to see ghosts in his younger years until he grew up to be a teenager. It's an amazing scene really, him confidently showing his dignified self in spite of the world going down around him.

Nanase, Haruka from Free!: Fortunately, when he wears casual clothes, he wears those tight ones, it clings perfectly to his body and gives more depth to it. Armstrong is genuinely kind and caring to those around him, often checking their well-being.

He has nice triceps and those abs are just wow. But once he reviled his true persona, he is very eccentric and can be very unpredictable. It only goes to show hard work really pays off. Keep in mind that this guy has been playing basketball in his younger days, surely this is one of the reasons on how he attained his ripped body.

He only swims freestyle and has an obsession with eating mackerel.

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His passion for basketball has given him the strength to be the best in court and of course has given him that well-endowed body. He uses his tricks to deceive people and only wants to fight strong people as it gives him sexual gratification. While he gives the good news to Kirei through, he rests himself on top of a pile of rocks, speaking casually while naked.

With everything he has done, he indeed deserves to be respected and honored. He is a state alchemist and an officer of the Amestrian state military.

Often used as a comedic relief, he easily cries when he is happy or sad and does funny body flexing techniques. Just like Gilgamesh in this list, his the epitome of shamelessness.

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In any djinn equip he does, it still shows that sexy emphasis of his body. Not very heavy on muscles and not too light either.

Just like our selection above, he is proud and quite boastful when his body is concerned. After the destruction that the grail has left in the city, Gilgamesh announced to Kotomine, Kirei that they have won the holy grail war.

For someone at his age, he really did a good job of making his body sizzling hot. Kurosaki, Ichigo from Bleach Episodes: During his stay there, he learned to love and properly play basketball.

He is known by many to be flirtatious and a charmer. Whether the shot is from the back or from the front, you can see those fine details in his muscles.

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The Epic of Gilgamesh states his destiny to be king and his great achievements with his friend Enkidu. Haruka came from the humble town of Iwatobi where he has grown to love water. Armstrong has a funny tendency to radiate pink sparkles when he shows off and likes to give tight hugs that cause injury to the poor victim.

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Mikisugi, Aikuro is an undercover spy of nudist beach rebel group posing as a teacher of Honnoji Academy. He is called the king of heroes most notable of being the richest king at his time thus him possessing many noble phantasms.