Reba McEntire Lyrics - She Got Drunk Last Night Reba McEntire Lyrics - She Got Drunk Last Night

Flirty drunk texts from last night, the joy and karma of funny drunk texts

As a valuable life lesson there are a few important things that dharma dating site should never attempt to do while completely under the influence of booze. I would do whichever is easiest for you.

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Humor Mar 29 Alexis Sinclair These funny drunk texts are proof that often smartphones and wasted people are never going to be the greatest of combinations when alcohol is involved. I'm sure you'll find someone great who can devote themselves to you alone--you're worth more than to have to share. What do you think?

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And looking at these funny drunk texts you should never use your phone either. Asker Thank you SO much. Asker Thank you for your encouraging words - they mean a lot!

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Still, the drunk mind is a mystery and when someone has consumed a fair bit of alcohol they may get an idea that a normal sober mind would immediately shutdown.

You are right, everyone is worth more than to have to be shared - why should I be an exception?

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We all make mistakes--alcohol makes it TOO dasy to do so! Reply Asker We had been texting each other for most of the day.

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You're doing the right thing. Alcohol and sense of reason are not the best of friends. I don't know what 2 do! Believe me, I know.

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He was the last one I had been texting before I got drunk, so I just sort of picked up from where we left off.

Because it shows just how utterly wasted you are, meaning the person at the other end may worry about what might happen to you. What you might think is just a normal message will quickly join the ranks of funny drunk texts. He should respect you more for doing it, though appologizing And while receiving funny drunk texts can be amusing, it can also be totally worrying too.

I'm just so embarrassed I don't know how to go about apologizing.

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He shouldn't be doing that in the 1st place--it's too personal when he's married. I'll tallk to him this week when I see him.

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But lets face it, funny texts from drunk people can be hilarious. So I don't think anything is going to make him think - I've already tried that. Check out some of our favorite funny drunk texts below.


How often was he texting you? Reply Opinion Owner You're very welcome. I'm definitely going to try to see that it never happens again.

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