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Dragon City is available only for Facebook for the moment. In short, have fun with matching and switching more than three captivating cropsies to stop the farm spoilers Raccoon and Rancid.

These special powers consume mana and can be invoked by pressing their respective hot keys.

What's Your Favorite Facebook RPG?

To proceed to the level you can solve quizzes on the way and eventually rescue the princess. It is a super addictive and super thrilling game that efficiently keeps you hooked on to your device screen for hours. Kingsroad Rumble Entertainment has achieved the impossible — it has created a browser-based role-playing game with graphics and gameplay as impressive as Torchlight!

This game offers you a wide range of your favorite Marvel characters that includes, Ironman, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Deadpool and more. Based on the epic fantasy novel, Ascent offers a chapter-by-chapter quest-based gameplay. However, the fun lies in the fact that you have the freedom to select your characters and build your village into a ferocious fortress and a battalion of soldiers, wizards, active bb pins dating, dragons or fighters, throwing a mighty challenge to the other players.

This game is not yet available for mobile platforms, but just on Facebook for now. At the start of play, you will embark on a dangerous adventure with just one class available.

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This system worked pretty well for Farmville type of games, but there was no need to introduce it in a role-playing game on Facebook — Legends Rise of a Hero already has a health bar and having an energy system complicates things, making gameplay slower energy restores over time and so does flirty facebook games. You may pay with your Facebook friends; however, it is yet to improve on its social aspect.

Rise of a Hero It is believed to be one of the top social wars simulation game with a mixture of RTS and claimed as the best role-playing game on the internet. The app also provides you with a better solution for your PC memory management. It is available on both iOS and Android. The player can also rent some cool weapons using the virtual cash.

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With this addictive battle game, you can get into action with a whole gamut of other online players in the legendary combat. The addictive game lets you move up each level while you solve some sugary recipe challenges by creating some appetizing combos of cookies.

You can create your own farm and then behave as a virtual farmer by raising animals, painting, keeping things clean, protect and cultivate different crops. Trivia Crack If you are someone who loves answering tricky questions, this game is just the right bet for you.

It has an interesting alignment system and special tasks that allow you to engage with your subjects, rivals and enemies via a special dialogue-based interface.

Taptiles Saga

After choosing a character class, gamers will explore a world filled with monsters, traps, more monsters and more traps. You can play with your online friends or on Facebook which lets you find new pals or view who has the best poker card.

The graphics, animations and the interface is extremely attractive and keeps you hooked on till the end. If you are someone who simply loves farming games, but wants to avoid all the hard work, Hay Day can be the best option for you since it meets all your farming wishes in a smooth and splendid way.

There will be epic boss fights, just like any other role-playing game, but the real challenge comes with proper utilization of items, spells and special abilities.

Pets include animals like, cats, dogs and birds caught inside a building waiting to be rescued by you. It is a 5 star rated game that belongs to Arcade, Puzzle and Match 3 genre at the same time. The player needs to proceed in the game with its bakery on wheels and while on this adventurous journey cracking puzzles, you can explore delicious confectionaries from different parts of the world.

It lets you surf with hoverboards, lets you access jetpack powered by paint, challenge your Facebook friends and more.


Apart from Facebook it is also available to download on Android platform. The colorful and vibrant visuals in HD keep each player engaged whether a kid or an adult.

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It lets you race with your online friends in various modes. In addition, you can create shortcuts to your favorite games on your desktop. Facebook Gameroom is an independent app that allows you to play Facebook games.

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Jam your cookies as fast as you can before they are crumbled by the Gingerbread Man. With more than 1. It is the number one and the largest online poker game across the world which keeps you engaged with its amusing features.

Game Jolt - Indie games for the love of it

Regular game updates and new content make gameplay more immersive and exciting. The game is available to download on iOS and Android platforms.

Legends - Rise of a Hero 5. A new user can enjoy several free levels after which they are either required to make a payment or send requests to Facebook friends to unlock further lives.

The best thing about Facebook Gameroom is that the application is free to download. Have fun adding photos at the backdrop of your custom comics and more.

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However, if you play one game for a long time, Facebook Gameroom will put this into your favorites. Apart from Facebook, the game is also available to download on Android and iOS mobile platforms.

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What is more is that you do not have to access your Facebook site to play your favorite games. You can play as many as up to 30 levels and notify players of their turn with the push notifications to alert them.

It also gives you a faster and smoother experience. To summarize, Facebook Gameroom is a great way to organize all your favorite games.