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Flirty girty fremantle western, in the heart of it all

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The colony's Round House jail was full, so the 75 convicts had to be left on the ship [13]: Five spaces were designed for tailors, bookbinders, shoemakers, mat makers and painters. Unlike occupants of the earlier building, prisoners remained continuously in their cells except when exercising in separate yards, watched panopticon-style [28] by a warder in a central tower.

Report of the Royal Commission The s also saw a growing public unease with the treatment of prisoners. A private company, [19] the Fremantle Prison Guardians, [39]: Campbell also established an officer training school, as well as an assessment centre to evaluate new prisoners.

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With these new arrangements, and more variety in prisons and prison types, a classification board was set up in to assess prisoners. There were divergent views in the community over the site's future, whether it should be preserved or redeveloped.

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They trained convicts to work with limestone, which was quarried on-site. Comptroller General of Convicts Edward Henderson looked for a place to build a permanent convict establishment, and ultimately settled on the current site, on a hill overlooking Fremantle.

One immediate result was the dismantling of the separate system at Fremantle Prison and the demolition of the separate exercise yards in Internal walls were constructed in the main block, creating four separate divisions.

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In particular, they considered the philosophy of the prison system — the causes of crime, as well as the types of punishments and their justifications — and in light of this, the practicality of various reform proposals.

While in theory the passing of the Act should have resulted in significant prison reform, this did not eventuate.

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Longer term locally-sentenced prisoners were also held there fromat a cost to the colonial government. The arrival of the first convict ship Scindian on 2 June was unexpected, as a sailing ship that had been sent ahead had been blown off-course.

The legislation left much of the changes to executive regulation, at the discretion of the governor, and was described by the media as a feeble document. The Crimean War saw the Royal Engineers recalled, leaving only one of their number, Henry Wrayto oversee the building's construction, which was completed by the end of Its report was ignored by the state government, which was more concerned with building infrastructure such as roads and schools than the plight of its prisoners.

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The ultimate decision was for conservation of the prison, but allowing for the buildings to be adapted for reuse by the community.