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Regardless, she looks sexy af, especially with that cape and light blue hair floating in the wind. In fact, she even lets us know that we're not strong enough to be considered: Beauty is subjective my friends.

DeviantArt shamrob Advertising [x] Flight attendants have always been hot, so pilots are probably pretty cute too. ZeroChan Kazuyo Ever wonder what Pippi Longstocking would look like had she grown up in a cold mountain town?

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She's hot enough to rank as number DeviantArt Teh-Dave Dayuuuum look at those thighs of steel! One thing's for sure though: By June 24th,an image nyan cat reloaded online dating thread was posted on the Miscellaneous section of the BodyBuilding.

She has LOADS of fan art made about her online and everyone seems to flirty pokemon puns list adore her, while I'm here thinking that her hair looks like she has a weird tumor sticking out of her head. Not as cold as you expected, eh?

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Oh wait, she's wearing green, she's obviously a grass-type user. Then why isn't she higher on the list?

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Now that's a HOT psychopath, and a psychopath with psychic powers too! Puny Trainer, how good to see you've made it here! It shall be missed. You get to encounter her and her psychic-types in the first Red, Blue and Yellow games in Kanto. I know and I don't care, she's still hot.

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This Hoenn studious leader specializes in rock-types in Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. After all, as a model, whatever occasion she has to look sexy and cool is to be exploited!

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As a fashion model with an interesting take on what fashionable means I'm not sure what to call that pink gown of hers besides a "fairy blanket thing"Valerie speaks with grace and poise to everyone.

The fact that she doesn't even know what to tell you when you talk to her is adorable, and hardly reflective of her supposed impulsive and confident personality.

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FunnyJunk bravefencer What's this? Viola is different though.

Pokemon Puns

Prior to the release of Pokemon Black and White inthe NewsBot on the Project Pokemon forum posted a list [1] of speculated reasons behind the official names of each monster in the game.

Her Alakazam probably has more compassion than she does. She battles in Hoenn, in Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald as a fairly new gym leader.

A little darkness is okay, but cruelty is a total turn off. With a wide brown skirt and long, slender legs dressed in pink leggings, her uniform style makes her seem serious and authoritative.

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Her hair, sleeves and boots make her seem like she could fly away at any instant. Good for you, Gardenia, you found your path through the totally not predisposed path of gardening.

At least she's competitive though It's with that attitude, that "I'm not scared of spiders, they are beings that need to be respected and protected" attitude, that Viola makes the top 10 on this list.

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For me, her bravery and competitiveness are what make her interesting as a water-type user. DeviantArt Rkdailey Advertising [x] Erika is one of the women that that old random creepy guy was staring at in the first Red, Blue, and Yellow games.

Spread One of the earliest text-only Pokepun threads outside of 4chan was posted on the Gamespot [6] forums on May 30th, You meet up with her in Eterna forest: Flannery is obviously a fire gym leader didn't you know that you have to be ginger to excel with fire types?

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Whether it's her bright blue eyes, her smoking, shameless body, or her double-act personality, she sure is a sexy shocker. It's about time women started getting into engineering!


DeviantArt tansokucm Advertising [x] I bet you never expected that I'd put a bug expert this high up on the list! Clair hasn't been skipping leg day! Candice has "ICE" in her name, so good job Nintendo on matching her to ice types. I have to rank a fiery red palm tree. She absolutely adores the Trainer's School, you know, that building we all skip because it's just there to tell us that fire is weak to water?