Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy You Like - Top 50, Dirty Questions Flirty Questions to Ask a Guy You Like - Top 50, Dirty Questions

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How does he pamper a girl, how much is he willing to invest to make her as he imagines her to be? Asking these questions will get things riled up between you and the guy you are smitten with. Do you prefer long hair or short hair?

Scrap every playbook before you make a move.

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Do you ever have naughty dreams? Really, many of the questions just need a wording adjustment to apply to whatever the scenario is. What the one place you want to have sex in? How many single girls' numbers are in your phone? Do you prefer your women shaved or all natural?

21 Questions to ask a guy you like flirty

Men are no different. Who knows where that sort of banter might end up? Are you friends with any of your ex-girlfriends? Has anyone accidentally seen you naked?


Look at each other one time over and he's gone. Have you ever just wanted to tear my clothes off? Only if you are truly into this guy, will you ask this question. It can only be daunting if we present it like that in our minds.

Having fun and knowledge at the same time.

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Would you like to be a stay-at-home dad? What were the first words that you and I ever exchanged?

Flirty Yet Fun Questions You Can Ask a Guy

Knowing which questions to avoid is important, too. What areas of making love do you think you can improve at? These questions will decipher the long term relationship lookers from those looking for a one night stand, but be cautious of prowlers, they are excellent liars. Can you send me a sexy pic of your favorite body part?

22 – 51 Flirty questions to ask a guy you like over text

What section of your body do you hate the most? If you have all these, then it's time to hit the nail on the right spot. Awkward questions to ask a guy Relationships are not artificial; they are a living, breathing entity.

A better way is to hold on to your composure while genuinely being impressive so that your crush sees your charming side and gets influenced by your character.

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What was your first drunken experience? What place on my body do you think is the most sensitive? Or maybe you are a little bit shy and need to have an ace up your sleeve.

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Motivate him to work out with you, instead of being so blunt. What would you do first for a woman you love: By asking about his favorite workout, you will start to get to know him as a person as well.

Romantic Questions to Ask a Guy - Relationship Questions Online

When you first met me, was it love at first sight? What was your funniest drunken adventure? Did you ever burst out of laughter during sex?

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What's the craziest place you had sex? What's the most romantic thing a friend of yours has done for his girlfriend? Learn whether he has skinny dipped before, was it with some girl he liked or with a batch of guys?

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Would you consider yourself to be shy? Would you watch one with me? Okay, this question will make or break this — cats or dogs? What would you do if you caught a lion sleeping in your back seat?