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Jon Rebman, the collection continues to grow with his frequent expeditions into every corner of the peninsula and surrounding islands. Users can search among nearly 86, specimens from the San Diego Natural History Museum herbarium as well as six other herbaria including the two major institutions of Baja California and Baja California Sur.

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The web site includes over 35, photographs of plants and places of Baja. Users are encouraged to Read a website overview. And, mining is a voracious user and polluter of water. They advise that before investing in a desalinization plant, improvement needs to be made on the current management and infrastructure related to water.

The Sea of Cortez

More than bird species flourish here. Anti-mining campaign video created by The Ocean Foundation. Paired with increasing development and growing tourism, the concern for access to potable water is a major concern.

Sadly, to make matters worse simrit online dating proposals are being made to start mining within the municipality.

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Despite this, since March there has been an ongoing effort of under-informed ejido communal farm members and ex-government officials to aggregate their land and sell it for the purpose of a large scale mining exploitation on the part of Grupo Mexico, among other well-funded mining interests.

Additionally, we continue to add photographs from Dr. This paper investigates next steps for effectively managing Loreto's water resources as well as the best practices of desalination technology in providing additional potable water sources within the context of the Loreto Urban Development Plan.

Learn more about the fauna of Baja California here.

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Rebman's expeditions into the Baja California peninsula. All current voucher scans are being done in high resolution which can be viewed on the web site or downloaded directly.

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In addition to using scarce water for screening, washing, and flotation of mined materials, the threats include contamination from spills, cyanide, and leaching as well as the threat of abandoned mines, erosion, and rainfall on tailings dams.

Over high-res scans are currently available. The combination of desert, ocean and mountains foster the growth of unusual plants that can adapt to harsh conditions. The web site presents nearly digital images of Baja California voucher specimens from the museum's collection. Additional images from the other participating herbaria are included when a representative SD specimen is not available.

Grupo Mexico has the largest known copper reserves in the world and is Mexican owned and operated. This website is dedicated to the plant life, the flora, of the Baja California states of Mexico and related islands.

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At this web site, the data for all those specimens is accessible in addition to the records of another 45, specimens from other herbaria, most notably the Centro de Investigaciones Biologicas del Noroeste at La Paz, BCS, and Universidad Autonoma de Baja Califorinia at Ensenada, BC.

The foundation of this website is the combined collection that allows Users to search among nearly 93, specimens from the SDNHM herbarium as well as six other herbaria including the two major institutions of Baja California and Baja California Sur.

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Many other tools for mapping, searching geographically, exploring the checklist, historical maps, and more are available here. It includes methods to improve the management of water resources, as well as how NGOs and funders can become involved. Learn more about the cacti here. Today, under the direction of Dr.

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In the water one can find schools of hammerhead sharks and pods of whales and dolphins. Prepared by Sherwood Design Engineers.

Fauna of California

A look into the historical use and misuse of water in Baja California. Purchase the 3rd Edition from. Mining poses a serious threat to the region, already stressed for water and a general lack of resources.

Effects on biodiversity, local water sources, and downstream marine systems are most concerning for communities of Baja California Sur.

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Flora About 4, plant species are known in Baja California, of which are endemic. Learn everything you need to know about reptiles in the region here.

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Learn more general information about the flora of Baja California here. Fauna Desert, mountainous and marine species can all be found in Baja California. Rebman has recently published a comprehensive checklist of the vascular plants of Baja which lists over 4, vouchered plant taxa, the first checklist of the area since Wiggins,which included 2, taxa.