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Fluoride is in bread, rice, pasta, cereal, candy, reconstituted orange juice, cola, beer, and dried eggs. In cooked foods fluoride is more concentrated than 1 ppm because water is evaporated out, so we may be eating another 2 mg per day of fluoride in our food.

However, whether or not the early studies were valid, new evidence strongly indicates that water fluoridation today is fluoridating city water little if any value. Alderwood has a legal duty to demand that Everett Utilities make available to Alderwood a supply of non-fluoridated water.

It's incredibly obvious, isn't it?

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Unfortunately, gentle persuasion has not had much effect on water districts which fluoridate. No one at either district seems to be aware of the all important National Research Council Report, which is discussed below.

Naturally occurring fluoride is generally calcium fluoride CaF2commonly known as fluorite or fluorspar. The influence of general nutrition in protection against tooth decay has been well described in the past [21], but is largely ignored by the fluoride enthusiasts, who insist that fluorides have been the main contributor to improved dental health.

Different populations can tolerate different levels of fluoride. The controversy occurs mainly in English-speaking countries, as Continental Europe does not practice water fluoridation, although some continental countries fluoridate salt.

Fluoride in Water is Safe and It Works

A national ecologic study. On the other hand, neither can it be concluded that no risk is present.

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The goal is zero. Instead, I wrote to my American colleagues and asked them for the results of the large-scale surveys they had carried out there.

Colorado City Stops Water Fluoridation Following Concerning Study

Processing involves separating the fluoride and the phosphorus, creating HFS and Phosphoric Acid; an important ingredient in chemical fertilizer. A, and Carlos, J. Computerization has made possible the accumulation of vast data banks of information on various diseases.

For example, Jamaica has just one salt producer, but a complex public water supply; it started fluoridating all salt inachieving a decline in cavities. Results for all 5-year-olds in all nonfluoridated, fluoridated, and defluoridated areas.

Fluoride is an Important Part of a Healthy Life Style

Fluoridation protects teeth in two ways: What they ignore is water fluoridation is a public health measure created to benefit the poor [30] without means to access dentists.

Recent trends in dental caries in U. A person who ingests 10 mg of fluoride per day will ingest 3. There is another factor: McKay brought this to the attention of Greene Vardiman Blackand Black's interest was followed by greater interest within the dental profession.

Back in the s the John Birch Society opposed fluoridation as a communist conspiracy. All the affected children were from the Pikes Peak region.

However, some allege he wrote a follow-on letter that made this claim.

Fluoride in Newcastle …

Water fluoridation in the US was aggressively promoted by dentists such as John G Frisch from Madison, Wisconsin, so enamoured by fluoride that he supplied his children with fluoridated water that he mixed at home.

I do not know the answer for sure, but we do know that after the second world war there was a rise in the standard of living of many people.

In fact, teeth were slightly better in the nonfluoridated areas.

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China, Japanthe Philippinesand India do not fluoridate water. By way of evidence they will point to various WHO publications about the need to remove fluoride from water.

Many dispute that assessment.

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A healthy person retains around half of all the fluoride he ever consumes. The average number of decayed, extracted or filled teeth known as d3mft is 0.

Generally, fluorosis is more severe in children who consume insufficient calcium and magnesium and those who are generally malnourished.

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The same reasoning should hold for fluoride because it is so toxic and because children and those with kidney and thyroid disease are already getting too much fluoride from drinking water and other sources.

We have always known that only around half of any fluoride we swallow is excreted in our urine; the rest accumulates in our bones [53, 54].

Healdsburg voters will again decide whether to fluoridate city water

Cox [21] conducted laboratory tests using rats that were fed aluminum and fluoride. The later set, the "fluoridation trials" at Newburgh, Grand Rapids, Evanston, and Brantford, display inadequate baselines, negligible statistical analysis, and especially a failure to recognize large variations in tooth decay prevalence in the control communities.

So I obtained the national figures on tooth decay rates of five-year-olds from our dental clinics which had served large numbers of these children from the s on [18].