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As far as she's concerned, Elvis never left the building. Lyon had no interest in Elvis, but he was a fan of the New Zealand landscape. Wasley's wife of 46 years has never seen her year-old husband without his mutton chops sideburns.

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Fans have eagerly been waiting for the first meeting as they have a soft spot for Danny and his funny ways Grub's up! When Wasley first met his wife JJ, she knew nothing about Presley — but she does now. Bridges, who organised the event, had a Presley tribute artist playing at her wedding and proudly has a mosaic of him on her wall.

Danny had already told Jack he approved of him when they FaceTimed the couple when they were in the Love Island villa Nothing to see 'ere: She was pranked live on air by her dad who pretended to be a random caller who was keen to find out if she had joined the 'Do Bits Society' with Jack.

He would have died ages ago.

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The trio headed to Coriander restaurant in Buckhurst Hill in Essex to pick up several bags of food. After 25 years, Elvis is still always on his mind. The actor has just returned from a family holiday in Disneyland, which has delayed his meeting with Jack somewhat.

They headed to the Coriander restaurant in Buckhurst Hill, Essex However, Dani wrote on social media that her mum and dad did bring Jack some presents back from their trip, including a sports vest and a Minnie Mouse keyring. Lyon passed away in While in the Love Island villa, Jack and Dani spoke to her parents for the first time via FaceTime, with Danny telling Jack he approves of their romance.

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Share this article Share But the new pictures show them getting along nicely as Jack sat beside his perhaps future father-in-law, in the passenger seat.

The group all seemed to be getting along nicely Loves him: Take the Ruby, son: I've had them from Elvis country come right here. Jack had failed to post pictures of Danny on social media, clearly wanting to be respectful, but he had shared images of himself and Dani and her siblings Her smile says it all: Danny tried to keep a low profile as he headed out to get the dinner He's adored: If you look around it's all to do with the era when Elvis was the tops," Wasley says.

He simply couldn't get over the wonder of New Zealand's greenery. Chase thinks he and other Elvis tribute artists are a big part of the reason people are still stuck on Presley.

Dani looked pretty pleased with how things were going as she sat in the back seat while in her grey tracksuit No doubt Dani's mother Joanne, stayed at home to keep an eye on her siblings, Sunnie, 11, and brother Artie, five.

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Sadly his buddy won't be there this time. Jack beamed as he sat next to Danny in the passenger seat while holding all the food Family bond: He owns and runs 'K. You'd be surprised how many people have Elvis in their homes.

He travels the world performing as his hero and is currently on tour in Australia.

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The pair would exchange photographs — Lyon would send Wasley images of Elvis, and Wasley would in return send pictures of New Zealand. In Lyon bought Wasley tickets to an Elvis show, but the Taranaki man was left in Heartbreak Hotel because he couldn't afford the airfare. It was now or never.