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It is a shelter home to the old people who are abandoned by their own family or by destiny.

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Belief Foundation Shelter and Food are two basic things which seem obvious to us but a fortune to others. Stage Performance Extracurricular activities like sports, dancing, craft or plays are quite common in big names of private schools but the students… Read More Planting trees Belief foundation is about improving the nation and the world.

Enlighten them about the world.

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We, the members of this NGO seek your help to give them believe of humanity. Foster our nation by educating the young!!! Education is the best gift to their future!!! Have the pleasure of staying in hearts!!!

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The pious feeling of giving is yet to feel!!! Nothing is waste until one takes it as waste.

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We collaborate with our partners on specific product requirements as expected. Be the world to them!!!

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This initiative has empowered kids to do something not with money but with intelligence and creativity. It certainly starts with the very basic need. The team concept, our many skilled, experienced staff and field team members, we emphasize the execution of construction management with a goal sonam kapoor dating optimum usage of resources.

We believe that renewable sources are an important tool to promote the competitiveness of the production systems of various countries and to guarantee the security of the energy supply and conservation of the conventional fossil fuel for the generations to come.

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Providing medicines to their tired bodies and planning a day trip for them are some other ways to showcase your empathy to their condition.

Newspaper, threads, unused CDs, used cardboards, old magazines, plastic bottles, glass coloured-bottles, broken crayons and mirrors, with some help of glues and water colors got new face of beautiful lamps, wall hangings and decorative items.

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The very rudimentary requirements of human beings are rare to find in the narrow lanes of India. There are many master minds waiting for a scholarship to complete their education and fight the world. Donate money and educate the youth or feed the abandoned older generation.

Art and Craft Mela April Art and Craft Mela is an initiative to teach the underprivileged kids the importance of creativity, the art of turning things around.

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With our technology partner, we have a unique fuel generation that includes waste plastic and rubber. Real Estate Investment Club Real Estate Investment Club is a club whose investment is targeted towards properties and other businesses in the real estate industry. There are 30 experienced humans who have faced the cruelty of world and have lost hope.

We assist them in giving the competitive cost so as to make the product a complete cost-effective package.

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Take out some time and visit our beautiful home or you can send your love and care to them through us. Money is not all they desire but your time and compassion for them. Leave a comment About Company E-Khanate Worldwide is dedicated to providing highly effective professional business development services to private companies, business organizations and individuals, supporting their efforts to enter and develop trade and investment relations in the markets we cover.

It took 1 to 3 hours every day to play with some materials and to put creativity down on scraps. Presently, we have our presence in 3 different countries and our active plants in India.

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It does not take much to raise a helping hand towards indigent eyes of children playing outside unaware about the scarcity of their future growth. Become A Volunteer A helping hand in educating underprivileged, caring abandoned oldies will definitely give you satisfaction with a certificate.

Our commitment to innovation and excellence invariably results in a successfully completed project for both contractor and client.