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The office was cold, half empty, it had no life and the employees looked miserable. She insisted that I was early and that she needed 10 minutes to finish up a few things. Well, 2 out of 3 endorsed me at founderdating cost I hope they did!

I love good viral mechanisms. A message through LinkedIn later and she had managed to sign in and vouch for me. I have over contacts on LinkedIn founderdating cost, so how many should I invite to be sure I get in?

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I had no way of knowing this as the original request was sent by pasting their email in to FounderDating directly — not by a message via LinkedIn, which might have made more sense.

As part of the application process, I need people to vouch aka act as a reference for me.

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Oh, so FounderDating have been sending this email in my name to my contacts? I never heard back. Speed dating haarlem weather have never had an interview with someone so rude and disrespectful in my life. I regret not standing up and leaving midway through the interview, instead I sat there and struggled my way through an horrible interview with a company that is clearly poorly maintained, has major management issues and a disrespectful CEO.

I thought maybe 10 would be a good number, but in the end I could not be bothered scrolling through contacts so I picked the first three of my entrepreneurial contacts, who I thought might be happy to endorse me.

No one welcomed me into the office, I awkwardly walked in and stood in the front area a minute until I had to go to the back and find the CEO for my interview.

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She then had me complete an all day assignment that was tedious and impossible to finish in the time limit she gave me. As far as I can remember I was not told that my contacts would be sent reminders and I definitely never got a chance to review this text that they sent on my behalf.

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And hopefully I get in soon too and find a nice technical co-founder for Satago. Guys — bring it back! I submitted the work and received no feed back but was called in for an in office interview. It's how we keep quality high can email us — info if you're confused — FounderDating founderdating April 19, Well anyway, I decided to send a email to my two outstanding contacts.

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Good luck to the CEO on the future of her company, but don't expect much. As part of the application process I had to link my account to LinkedIn and invite other people to recommend me as worthy for acceptance to this network. A week later I get an email from FounderDating — my Application is incomplete.

So If I had invited 10 people I would have more chance of getting in, but then logically less chance of all of them completing the application.

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Finally she called me into an office room for the interview but she paid no attention to me, she was more interested in a chat on her computer screen, or the constant stream of text messages on her phone while I answered bogus questions to the wall.

They can really make a great company. When all was said and done she awkwardly escorted me out of the office and told me I would hear back in a few days. In fact my email to my second contact bounced.

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That seems to be a bit of a conflict. At this stage I was told that the more people I invite the more chance I have of getting accepted to FounderDating.

Frage beantworten FounderDating Or as they put it: One of them replied saying they had tried but were unable to access the website. Most importantly the company with the viral mechanism needs to respect the trust that you have put in them by allowing them access to your network.