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Previously, Designer News was invite-only to ensure the content and discussions were top notch. Thus, a new project was born. Founded X for chat about startups vesegonskaya volchitsa online dating your area Silicon Valley, the hotbed of startup activity and venture capital, is synonymous with tech.

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FounderDating is designed to be a LinkedIn of sorts for entrepreneurs. Stack Exchange —the software behind Stack Overflow—powers dozens of other communities, each with their own experts and answers about your favorite topics.

It might be a tad more difficult to get your own account, but it also ensures the answers you get will be authoritative.

In the meantime, Alter is running it as a bootstrapped operation. Want to make your Slack groups more interactive? The first issue of Versioning was sent to more than 5, readers and it's continued to grow ever since.

Anyone interested in marketing and SEO can join the Moz community.


Why do we sleep? That's the magic of the web. You can quickly scroll through the list and find discussions pertaining to site design, typography, CSS, or Apple for example. He happened to be hitting the off-season right when I was trying to get started — and everything went from there.

Now, Online Geniuses receives dozens to hundreds of applications a day and is often mentioned in large publications like Forbes.

FounderDating Expands Its Co-Founder Finding Network Further With London Launch

Answers may come up often in search results, but you can do better than that when you have a programming or marketing question. At first, it was just a simple website to showcase great startups in the Netherlands. Sites like Reddit and originally, Digg turned the internet into a vote-driven culture, where anyone can upvote something they like and downvote the things they don't.

The Founded X Slack community didn't start as a community at all.

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Hacker News for general tech news and discussions I'll go out on a limb and guess that you've at least heard of Hacker News. Answer the questions you know about, then get your questions answered, and everyone learns together. Applications are due a week before each, and you can find out more here.

First, they added upvoting, which helped to find the best answer possible for a given question. Now it's a startup of its own, after being accepted into the Y Combinator accelerator in the second half of No one has time to join all the groups. This community shines a light on all of the fantastic startups from all over the world," he says.

One of my favorite aspects of the site is the specific badges that denote conversation topics. If that sounds like you, Designer News will feel like home.

Bringing A Startup Together: FounderDating Launches Matching Site, Expands To NY, Boston, LA

A year ago, Ellis asked the GrowthHackers community why they found the site helpful. Simply put, Hacker News is one of the most prominent news sites for tech and startups.

I mean, people are leaving all the time. Lechat and Roberts were both avid readers of popular newsletters like NextDraft and Today In Tabsbut they noticed one demographic that was underserved by email newsletters—developers.

You can find answers for those questions and just about anything you can imagine on Quoraan online community set on surfacing "the best answer to any question. Because Quibb is built around Twitter contacts, I'm constantly getting updates from people I follow and admire. What is it like to work with Elon Musk?

Soon, he had attracted a following of others interested in the topic. MacPherson decided to build a platform that would encourage discussions around those articles, and make it easier to connect with other industry experts.

An avid reader of the site since its inception, Wilkinson bought Designer News from LayerVault and kept the lights on.

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Users create profiles about themselves and what they are interested. The FounderDating site, as with the events, has a special focus on screening for qualifications and experiences — in particular to make sure that people are committed, and are actually recruiting cofounders not employees.

Product Hunt for the latest and greatest apps and products New apps and products are launched literally every day. Learn how to build your own Slack Bots with Zapier to start projects, lookup data, play games, and more right inside Slack. The community has continued to grow they're close to 7, members and DN maintains its status as an online mecca for web designers.

When creating your onboarding emails, how do you track success or even know what to include? These leads are not usually tire kicking leads, but genuine small business owners who are ready to hire someone who can help them.

Need to hire a freelancer for a job?

It's a great first stop if you just want to find out what the web development community is up to—and landing an app or blog post on the front page is a big deal. In fact, a more specific Google Search will likely point you directly to Stack Overflow or one of its spin-off sites, where experts answer questions and upvote replies so you'll feel confident the top answer is the right one.

Alter compares it to Fight Club: Quora is the perfect way to give yourself a crash course in these topics and more from people that know what they're talking about. Stack Overflow for answers to programming questions Type a question into Google, and you'll usually get an answer.

Second, he wanted a place online where current and future Y Combinator founders could exchange ideas. Influencers, if you will.