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She had the same athletic and strangely sexual body as toy Chica only with new dating games men play powered legs, a pink bow was now wrapped around her neck, a eye patch covered the previously missing eye, she now had a white fox tail with fake fur that became hot pink at the tip, she also had a wooden sword, a pink and gold pirate coat and a small animatronic bird on one shoulder.

Your review has been posted. Did yer voice box just glitch!?

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How dare they keep you in such awful condition! Once she was done showing off she started walking towards the trio, swaying her new hips in the imaginary breeze.

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Foxy moved her arms and hugged her, patting her on the back. I just hate seeing pretty girls like you cry! She cried and cried, hoping her wish would somehow come true. Ye know what las She broke down crying, covering her eyes in her hands. As soon as they saw Mangle standing there all of there jaws hit the floor.

Quickly, grab on to my back and I'll carry ye to the parts and service room! Get your sweet ass out of the kitchen! I think I can fix ye up and make few improvements so this won't happen again!

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He held out his hook in front of Mangle Foxy: That plus the fact that Foxy was glaring at her with a rusty hook pointed towards her 'neck' caused her to start cowering in fear.

She was crying because of something that Bonbon Toy Bonnie had told her.

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She climbed onto Foxy and wrapped her arms and legs around him. Foxy quickly jumped and dashed through the pizzeria towards the parts and service room.

After Mangle botched an attempt to kill the night guard the blue animatronic yelled at her, telling her that she was nothing but a scrap heap.

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Try not to stare boys! Little did she know Foxy was following her from above, watching her and admiring his work.

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How did you-" T. It's an insult to the both of us! I actually think I may be able to fix you up! You're supposed to be the successor to the once great Foxy the pirate fox!

She had been told that the older animatronics were aggressive and couldn't be trusted. Mangle had never told anyone but she wished she could be a normal animatronic again. Standing there, leaning against the wall was the new and improved Mangle.

Even my crying sounds all garbled and unnatural!

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It took her a second but she soon recognized the blur as the older model she was based off of, Foxy. Why are you so mad that tttthey kept me in awful condition? She hated being a tangled up mess of wires and metal.

Would ye like that las? She knows I was just playing around! I love looking at that pretty little face of yers!

Now tell me las

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