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This show was one of the best. Matt Groening actually bought the rights to use the "30th Century Fox" logo after Fox said they shouldn't use it. Now when I was watching The Simpsons one idea was that why we can't see this guy more, why he is only behind a widely known TV series while poking some other people.

Fry accidentally falls into a cryogenic chamber and is frozen for 1, years.

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It's a pity that it was canceled an I pity the fool who canceled it. We know about 6 Goofs. I like Futurama idris dating it creates an unexpected, yet tempting future and combines it with cunning references and a strange comedy style.

The sound of the Hypnotoad is a recording of a turbine engine played backwards.

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Futurama is mandatory for all sci-fi and comedy lovers, and highly recommended for everyone else. Such things should continue till the end of time.

But with Futurama I say he is OK, was unleashed. When his clumsy attempts to appear …. He is still the same stupid guy back in 20th century.

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Futurama can turn any depressed mood to a happy mood if just the watcher accepts the fact that show does not require a deep concentration for the whole concept, but likes to catch it slowly by using trivial extras and nicely planted sci-fi references. This became an in-joke amongst the writers in later episodes.

Unfortunately, Bender is incompatible with the ideal apartment they do find until he has a radical… modification which makes him less than happy.

Fry tries to persuade Leela to go exploring on the moon, while Amy tries to recover the keys to the Planet Express Ship.

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Nice thing about him is that the general idea of a robot is that they are always serving and helping and supporting, but Bender does not. Strangely this is not the story of the Fry's adaptation, because he is not.

Maybe a little improvement but that's all. Futurama was the name of the famous General Motors exhibit at the New York World's Fair that depicted a futuristic landscape.

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Can be watched till the end of time. Thanks to the makers of DVD, they partially do. Continuity The elements Bender claims to be constructed out of change throughout the series though given Bender's nature, it's possible he's lying.

Upon closer inspection, Brannigan turns out to be a pompous dimwit who also thinks he's God's gift to women. It's range of poking is 'wider'.

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Finally unfrozen, he explores New New York, meets his new best friend a kleptomaniacal robot named Bender and goes to work for his great-great-great-great-grand-nephew's space delivery business.

Here comes one of them: While approaching the planet, Leela is thrilled to meet the legendary Captain Zapp Brannigan, who is policing the sector. One of the more subtle running jokes in the show is that in the future, owls have replaced pigeons and rats as being pests. Last but not least the main cast includes Bending Unit Bender which is a robot.

Professor Farnsworth sends the crew on a tax-deductible charity mission to evacuate wildlife from the doomed planet Vergon 6. Then the supporting cast has the cute and horny Chinese or Japanese?

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Futurama deals with moron pizza delivery boy Fry being accidentally frozen and wake up years after into a whole new world. Fry is very excited, while it is not really a big deal in the year Trying to sleep standing up in Bender's closet-sized apartment doesn't work, so they go looking for a place both can be comfortable.

Then we meet Leela, who is the only cyclops alien in the whole galaxy as far as she knowsorphan, different from others. He lies, cheats, steals A couple months later, Fox said they loved it.