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They come up with dating pangulong ramon magsaysay building like the one below even though it contributes to neither the form nor content of the material they are promoting.

Koreans always reserve the right to demand a certain behavior from the celebrities they support and that includes their romantic relationships.

Immediately, speculations came about that the two are indeed in a relationship based on other photos and incidences that netizens generously scrutinized. Well, the girl fell in love. There was so much anger towards the relationship and that is presumably the reason SM asked Sulli to go on an indefinite hiatus.

For fans to support these celebrities, they should be, no matter how remotely, available for the fans. By all accounts, it is Choiza that's a good catch and it's Sulli who hit jackpot. I know people will say their success is a product of their hard work but it's the kind of work that fits the industry of the idol world.

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DBSK famously said they were the ones who decided on their image. When photos of Sulli walking hand in hand with Choiza came out, together with photos that seem to indicate Sulli spent the night at Choiza's place, SM entertainment denied any romantic relationship. There is always a choice. There is the leader, the cute maknae youngestthe mysterious, the boy next door, the innocent and pure, and a whole lot of other personalities.

Contact Author The Choiza-Sulli scandal is probably one of the funniest ones to have ever come out of Korean entertainment.

We thank everyone who loves Choiza, and please give the two your love and support.

Choiza’s Ex-Girlfriend Has a Resemblance to f(x) Sulli

Sometimes, the management company isn't the one to assign the celebrity's image. Yeah, she participated in strengthening her baby image but she fell in love. If they are not willing to put their relationship above everything, then maybe they really should put their career as the center.

Many fans expect Sulli to date another idol or a rich businessman or a Hollywood actor or a Prince. If these celebrities opt to choose something else over their relationship then the agency may be right in the first place.

So far, we are in a stage where we have good feelings toward one another and are cautiously fx sulli and choiza dating simulator forward, so I hope that you will all watch over us with interest.

It's All About Image When boy bands or girl groups are formed, members are given an identity.

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Fans cannot be denied of the right to be angry given everything that has been said but their anger shouldn't be directed at Choiza. Choiza, on the other hand, is the street thug who made a career in the most gangsta way possible in Korean entertainment.

The question is why do companies even forbid it. From the get go, the market is provided with an image of a celebrity and based on this image, they provide their support.

She has the face and demeanor for it.

[UPDATE WITH NB] F(X) - Sulli & Dynamic Duo - Choiza Dating ????

People could claim that these young idols don't have a choice but that's wrong. Well then, don't be an idol, be an artist. Their Personal Life is No One's Business I ultimately agree that anyone's personal life is no one's business but if these idols agree too, they would not sign the contract or get into the industry.

Fans must be given that slight glimmer of hope that they have a chance. These are the fans that follow them In all of their concerts even if they have seen it ten times just to make sure their concert gets sold out. In a sense, their popularity determines how much further investment their agency will make.

SM Entertainment stated, "Sulli and Choiza are of the relationship in which the two depend on each other. Before, however, we decide on whether Sulli made the wrong decision to fall in live with Choiza or whether SM should have handled it another way or whether the fans were outright silly in raising so much concern in a situation that doesn't really concern them, let us understand several things.


Both of them wore masks but they were still able to be recognised by passers-by. Sex Objects It's hard to deny that celebrities are packaged in such a way that when you watch them grind their hips, it's like world peace depend on it.

Further, they would only be half correct because everyone knows they are kept alive by their devoted fans who buy those CDs by the hundred just to make sure idols get their sales up.

You sell your personality, fans will expect to have that personality. They felt she is stupid or dating Choiza while Choiza is an opportunist for hooking up with someone so young and fresh.

I thought that the solution was not to continue to remain silent as it shouldn't have to be that my relationship with her becomes another source of pain for Sulli, who is already suffering from malicious rumours and comments. It should be directed at SM and, perhaps, Sulli for fooling them.

That is why new boy bands are given reality shows and are thrown into variety shows. This was followed by another photo of them on a date. Whether that demeanor is a put on or genuine is a different question altogether.

DBSK, along with others, take on this image because they recognize the importance is building a distinct personality that will make them rise above others or they trust their agency knows what thy are doing.

As such when it is proven to be a fake, fans feel betrayed and no one likes being betrayed. In variety shows, she has always been timid and giddy.

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Do you know why Taeyeon is being branded a weak leader? Things to Understand Sulli, a member if the girl group f xhas been packaged as the kiddie innocent baby of SM.

How do you go against that? The point is that this is simple physics. San lied to them. He has his own company and manages other artists who have equal freedom to pursue their artistry without signing a no dating clause. Much of the castigation is brought about by the fact that Sulli is dating a non-idol, not good looking rapper who was born for the Korean Ghetto hip hop culture.

They sell their looks and fantasy of their bodies. She appears innocent and other people have subscribed to this by treating her like a little girl that must be cared for all the time.

The choice may be a career or termination of contract but there is always a choice. If these celebrities manage to get attention, they garner fans even before their album is launched. These reactions, no matter how silly, isn't at all that surprising.

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The bottom line is that these supposed artists are packaged and made to sell their personalities from the get go. Is Sulli to blame? Why Are Idols "forbidden" to fall in Love It is no secret that contracts if idols include a "no dating clause".

There are few companies that don't impose this but they are few and far between. It was not that celebrity's craft or work that is sold, it's their personality. Choiza is a self made man. What many miss is that Choiza writes his own songs and achieved mainstream success without a contract that includes a dating ban, an agency that hits him in the head for "wrong behavior" and people telling him what to do or say.

Others might argue that they want to work. That is what is being shown to the public.