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Jenny feels bad about not being able to keep herself from using irony and sarcasm to hurt people who don't understand when she's serious and when she's not.

Lindberg, an equally eccentric as successful harness racing driver and trainer from Dalarnahas left a bizarre will demanding various acts and arrangements to be performed at his funeral.

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Tomas Alfredson, Robert Gustafsson Stars: It's four shades of mastery, and easily one of the best films in the nations' cinema history. The parents bring an easy-going Dane and a wooden statuette representing a former minister, which Richard finds to be extremely tasteless, and which triggers a mental breakdown.

One of four parallel stories about parents and children. Epic in its scope, as each episode is from carefully picked, geographically different parts of Sweden.

Robert Gustafsson, Maria Kulle, Karl Linnertorp An eccentric millionaire dies at a manor in Dalarna in Sweden, leaving behind three sons and a mistress. Life still has to go on, and while the son is feeling guilty, the father goes through rehabilitation where he learns to speak again and befriends other local people also suffering from speech disabilities.

English, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian Genre: Ernst is dysfunctional and unable to get a job, and shifts between feeling very charismatic and like a total misfit.

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As his three sons and countless mistresses are gathered, the sorrow and confusion is processed, and everybody is curious of who will inherit which part of his wealth. Olle is troubled by the breakup of his marriage.

Pappas lilla tjockis Dad's little fatso A cooking class in Gothenburg develops into a therapy session for lost souls. In the television version, each story constitutes one episode and works as an independent television filmvarying in length between 40 and 60 minutes.

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Script, acting and cinematography are absolute world class, as three hours seem to get by in a blink! Johan is unable to get really close to anyone, including his wife, and keeps telling lies about his progress to the group.

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Well, we do get four contemporary, exceptionally memorable tales of family pains, generation gaps and fatherhood, in particular. It's Sweden's answer to "Short cuts" or "Magnolia", if you like, and instantly on par with those!

Accidentally, the son turns on the crematory oven just in the wrong moment and the father is severely burned. They are visited by Richard's parents who work as stage magicians.

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But it's drama, thankfully, and what drama! Eventually it turns out that all money has been spent on a hologram of Lindberg telling them that he used the money to create the hologram.

Four shades of brown.

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It's dark, twisted, harrowing, yet massively entertaining and breathtakingly executed. Four sides of Sweden.

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Plot[ edit ] In the film version, the stories are presented interweaved, although story-wise completely unconnected. Furthermore, his best horse is given away to the National Estonian Trotting Association without any explanation. But each story could seriously carry a whole movie, if expanded separately.

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