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G-Dragon and Jung Hyung Don Nominated for Best Couple

The IC song festival has become such a big event other artists try to avoid releasing music cat 930h bucket hookup the festival occurs — because they know they will not outrank the songs that are produced by the IC Music challenge.

They are not afraid to talk about their relationship problems During an episode of Infinity Challenge all of the Music Festival teams got together to discuss their progress and have a little fun. So of course, Hyung Don has taught the kid a few tricks through leading by example.

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They are jealous Hyung does not like it when G-Dragon wears shorts and G-Dragon does not like when Hyung looks at other people. They go shopping together in Dong myo Yes, that is Hyung Don picking through a pile of clothes in Dong Myo to find costumes. Yes, that is G-Dragon shopping with him.

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They have couple rings Yes, they have couple rings. Can a television show get more awesome then this? Then a bunch of people complain about the IC songs taking the spotlight away from other artists the revenue from the music sales all go to charity, so um, I kind of groan at all of the hating that happens.

Wait two years and repeat. They have the push pull dynamic down to a tee He loves me, he loves me not.

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Because with the two of them it is all that much better. They are super stylish Jung Hyung Don has often pointed out that the only thing G-Dragon is missing is style sense.

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Every other year the members of IC pair up with musical artists. If you have not watched these two you are missing out on some greatness. G-Dragon apologized and the two made up, but not after they left the rest of the cast laughing and wondering what was going on.

G-Don knows how to play this game, but never fear because it always ends up adorably.

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These two with their push and pull and their shopping and their…. Hyung Yong Don Jyong fighting!

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The songs are subsequently released and sweep the charts. But the highlight of the music festival in my opinion was the one true pairing of G-Dragon and Jung Hyung Don. I think G-Dragon may learn something about fashion from his hyung after all. The seven teams there are seven IC members are tasked with writing a new song and performing it at the festival.