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Shin is the "by the books" robot guy, who will show a flash of humanity and learn a brief lesson in friendship I felt it made them look too rough, especially for Yumi. A fight could've taken place in a parking garage or a Dragonball Z wasteland, for all I could remember. At this point in my manga buying tenure, I was in a bad mood.

I really liked watching Gohan grow up before my eyes, but I haven't seen another character do that since. Cat Paradise' cast may not be super stellar, groundbreaking, or memorable, but they a solid balance of shonen archetypes that don't offend me with utter blandness.

Enjoyment 6 A couple of years ago, I picked this manga up on a whim because I had a buy three, get one free deal at Borders, thinking very little of it.

I was initially put off by the hard, jagged lines on the characters' faces. Like Kotori and Kaiya clearly like each other, but it simply establishes THAT and really does nothing with it in terms of making me care any more or less about them. Speaking of which, action scenes are a bit of a chore to follow due to all the heavy lines and solid inking can make panels look very busy and cluttered.

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Del Flirttistoori amber vaatteet verkkokauppa canned their manga division, which spelled the end of Princess Resurrection and Yozakura Quartet being released in the U.

Perhaps what hurts most of the other main characters outside of Yumi and Kansuke is that their personalities and backgrounds are just kind of summed up in a couple of sentences instead of progressive storytelling. After a couple of chapters, not only did I get used to the look, but character facials are very expressive.

That's all I ask for!!

MANGA: Gakuen Sousei Nekoten!

Fun characters, a pretty decent entourage of antagonists, and it is pretty action packed with nice pacing. That kind of parody writing always bothers me because it keeps you from getting to know the actual character or watch them grow in any kind of unique fashion other than their personality presets.

The art is a bit flawed, but the characters look pretty neat. This is where some thinner penciling could help create less of a visual conflict with the speed lines, which at times can be as heavy as a character's leg when they are attacking. Cat Paradise was a pretty fun manga to read, by the by.

I was interested to see what the author would do with this kind of concept with kitty cats doing the primary fighting. It's probably not a fair comparison, but take the manga Kamui, for example; another school featuring exceptionally skilled students tied into a battle with supernatural beings that got way too wordy near the very end and it's climax came off flat.

Gakuen Sousei Nekoten! Manga

It takes most of the things I've been griping about since joining this site and delivers a competent, linear story that I found myself enjoying a lot more than I ever thought I would. So, what does that long-winded slam on shonen manga have to do with Cat Paradise?

As a cat lover, it was also pretty refreshing to see something unique done with cats other than the obligatory cat girl shtick that I never want to see again thank you, Nyan Koi and puts them in a more meaningful role. Cat Paradise is well-paced for only 29 volumes, the theme of companionship and teamwork is interesting, showing the strong bonds between the cats and their owners.

Suffice to say, I have been down on shonen-style manga and anime for quite some time. It's pretty straightforward and doesn't try to overshoot its intended tone and try to be something it isn't. I really liked what was done with the cats' individual powers, it helps them stand apart from each other and the variety of techniques keep most of the fights from being the same panel to panel shot of pugilistic pornography that most fights are comprised of in this genre.

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Backgrounds and the scenery seem to take a back seat to the character designs, so locations never really stuck out to me. Shonen is great at establishing a character, but for crying out loud, cant they evolve them without the help of a time jump? They go on way too long and are never as captivating as their first story arcs, the characters all have the same template personalities, lack chemistry, and they hate being around each other, yet somehow, friendship wins the day, and the fighting is always horrible, littered with drawn-out action sequences that become boring rather than engaging the longer they go.