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Occur on the biggest stars of the Polish dance music and thousands of fans coming from all over Polish. Characteristic[ edit ] Classic disco polo songs were characterized by simple diagrams harmonic[ clarification needed ], [1] simple melodies [8] often drawing from the folk music tradition of steady rhythms, [3] coupled with syncopated samples of drums, and accompanying delicate synthesizer sounds [10] or keyboard instruments.

In the first half of the 90s, music, in general, became a mass sandbergs smycken online dating but almost absent in the media.

Recently, disco polo genre has seen a new revival in Poland after the New Year's Eve party, when the TV channel TVP2 has invited the frontman of one of the most popular disco polo performers Zenon Martyniuk of Akcent fame to perform at the main stage.

Disco Banjo, which lasts approximately 50 minutes. His followers adopted it as their anthem. Currently, the program "Disco Banjo" is broadcast every morning at the station Polonia 1. Positive influence on disco polo renewed interest is also the Internet, especially social services, such as video.

Another band representative of the genre - Top One was established in[14] and both bands have become one of the pioneers of this genre of music.

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Is broadcast between Behind the scenes of the cycle of Fame. Disco polo could be heard mostly at country picnics, county depots, weddings or during political campaigning for Polish parliament and presidential elections.

Before the presidential elections inbands and singers used disco polo during the election campaign. DISCO station due to changes in the program of events has removed the music disco polo.

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In other media, the music at that time was hardly absent and acknowledged by the mainstream media as a symbol of kitsch and primitivism.

It was aired in the same year on TVP1. Starting this year, teams started to play gigs again, the number of which increased every year, and again began to sell records, so teams started again profitable. After year this trend also promoted or promote the music, some radio stations, Internet as np.

This name became popular quickly and effectively replaced the previous name "music Pavement".

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In Tele 5 program was broadcast from Power Dance Disco polo has regained immense popularity starting in with the formation of the Polo TV music channel. From December 5, on channel VIVA Polska VIVA Poland every Sunday aired a block of dance music called "Disco ponad wszystko" "Disco above all" [33] This program viewership station picked up twice and each subsequent episode accumulate more and more audience, [34] but was removed after a period of eighteen months from the antenna.

This is dedicated to the revival of the disco polo genre. During this period, the teams seemed even his new disc, but due to the lack of existence at the time the species in the national media, they did not bring popularity.

Since Marchthe iTV television broadcast resumed years ago Disco Polo Live program, [30] but the issue was suspended in March The first band that is representative of this genre - Bayer Fullfounded on November 19th, [12] [13]. In the early 90s Krzysztof Krawczyk sang and recorded songs in the italo disco current, on the basis of which disco polo came into being.

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However, the species is still by many radio and television is not promoted and is considered a symbol of bad taste. This channel from December 19, is shown as digital TV and the multiplex and became the most watched music channel in Poland.

There are artists, such as Disco Polo Tomek, who sing disco polo music. Traditional instrumentation came to be replaced by keyboards later in the '90s, which contributed to a slight change in style, making the songs more similar to modern dance musicespecially Eurodance music.

It is aired every Saturday at In addition, the promotion takes place on the Internet through two Internet radio stations associated with it. Themselves supporters of this species and the teams performing it argue that currently progressing professionalization disco polo, musical and lyrical layer has improved, and the performers are increasingly avoiding the playback singing.

DISCO channel, which broadcast the species next to discodance music and electronic musicwhich was now on the air until the end of January AkcentShazzaBoysClassic and Weekend.

October 4, in Tele 5, a new program devoted to the current of disco polo Fri. The first official record label that captures the music of disco polo - Blue Star.

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Sinceinterest in disco polo has grown, which is reflected in a greater presence of this music in some media that the increased amount of played concerts. This was the first concert disco polo since the elimination of programs of this species in the station for more than 10 years, and his audience was 2.

This criticism, however, did not affect the popularity of this music. In the summer, several festivals are held disco polo, of which the largest are organized since National Festival of Music and Dance in Osterode from Kwakowie near Kobylnica disco polo music festival and dance in Poland - Disco Hit Festival - Kobylnica.

Recorded outside the official circuit cassettes and CDs achieved a tremendous amount. September 27, was launched TV.