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The character of Aaron Parkes was just dreamy. Add in the way woman throw themselves at him which annoys her even more. When he'd first been partnered with seminaristen online dating he'd thought the boss had gone nuts or something.

You want to keep me waiting again some more, eh? During long sleepless nights, on operations that had eaten away at him, he'd picture her in bed across town Besides, it was about time he found Charlotte once and for all and had it out with her about what had happened when he'd left London seven years ago.

Aaron always considered Mac nothing more than a great co-worker. Then had come the sickening realisation of just what a mistake he had made. Then he heard the door slam and she was gone.

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Okay, so he should have made that phone call to the garbageman flirting with danger, and to Charlotte, before he'd left, rather than two days after, but his mind had only been on getting back before they got to Danny.

He wondered whose lives had been ruined to provide the dough for those kinds of luxuries. He narrowed his treacle coloured eyes as he scanned them suspiciously across the city, as if hoping to uncover something there and then that would finally, once and for all, help him to bring down the Borelli's.

The baggage from their past has made both of them wary yet it was also something they both could identify with and understand. He had best flirt lines relationships bring down the Borelli's for Danny.

Sure, he needed the money she was prepared to pay him for finding that woman she was looking for, but something wasn't right. As much as I love hot and steamy romances, I still really love reading those that tease and keep the characters and the readers on edge and Flirting With Danger does that well.

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Besides, he garbageman flirting with danger far too deeply involved in the whole Borelli mess by then to hope for anything else. Aaron is a firefighter with an amazing six pack and a great sense of humor. But everything had been so cruelly and suddenly cut short, and any opportunity he'd had was, without warning, taken away from him.

She has found Aaron attractive over the years but has not acted on it for a number of reasons. I recommend this book to lovers of romance, who also enjoy some laughs. You're working for them now, or they'll come for you, and believe me, they know where you are.

Finally, exhausted, both physically and emotionally, he waded through the carnage, sought out his office chair, upturned it and sunk into its leather. Taking on private clients like this was a profitable business, and he needed the money to fund his investigations into the Borelli's, but he hadn't bargained on having to deal with so many heartless lowlives in the process.

While women are willing to throw themselves at this hottie, not everything is as it appears. He had to make her realise it was a mistake. Simply because the whole damn city were!

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I'm working on something else. Firefighters Jasmine Mackinnon and Aaron Parkes find out just how much the job changes when lives are on the line and emotions are involved. And his imaginings had grown in those days, and become more detailed as time went by. That was what had come between him and his life in the UK, a life he was more than happy with, a life he had not been ready to give up.

Strong, Dependable, she is used to taking care of herself. Apparently she went to Sea World as a child. Just one phone call before he had left, one lousy phone call, and the bureaucrats would have had no authority to send him back for good. For a second, he became aware then of where his train of thought was heading yet again.

Easy to like characters and a superb plot make this a very entertaining story. And having been betrayed by her last boyfriend, Mac is happy to stay away from relationships. Underneath the HOT firefighter appearance, lays a man who has a very tender heart. At some point he was vaguely aware of the door opening and Sid cautiously peering into the room.

Flirting With Danger

Swirling around in his chair, he flung his feet up onto the window ledge and stared out at the city below him. At close quarters, he could see more clearly the evidence of multiple plastic surgeries on her face: But even if their relationship had always only been professional, there had been something between them, a spark, a connection, something simmering, just waiting to explode.

He'd always known that she was well out of his league; she came from the British Aristocracy for goodness sake, and he'd grown up in the ghetto. And what a waste; she looked so incredibly fake: Then the second bomb had dropped. Okay, so he had already made up his mind he was not taking on her case, but the last thing he needed now was some woman like her making trouble for him.

Then he'd remember some of their conversations, the jokes, the teasing, even the shouting matches. But Charlotte had refused to even speak to him when the boss had tried to pass the phone to her, so how could he explain if she wouldn't let him?

Flirting With Danger

But the good memories had been tainted with regret. How was he to know that leaving for just a few weeks, would mean that by the time he went back, there'd be no job for him at MI5? You don't know who you're messing with," she added. He just had to.

He'd see Charlotte in his head and drive himself nuts wondering what she was doing at that very moment. There is a lot of flirting between these two which I really enjoyed.

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But what choice did he have? But he hadn't made that phone call, from the right place, at the right time, and so it was out of the boss's hands. Trying to bring down the most notorious family in New York was a costly business, but taking on the kind of private clients that reared their ugly heads in this part of town was taking its toll on his conscience too.

What was worse, he had strong suspicions that she had previously been dealing with the Borelli's, the mafia mob that he had been trying to bring to justice for the last seven years! I loved the fact that these two knew each other for a couple of years and respected each other in a professional way.

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Luke had always looked out for him. How was he to know whether the woman was working with the Borelli's? Someone who wants to give back the only way he knows how. If he was going back, he was going to find her.

Boy had he been right about that! But that wasn't it; it was the thought of what they were going to do to this poor woman once Luke had found her for them.

Then the boss had been on his back about him having to get on a plane pronto before he was arrested for being illegal, but the boss had promised he would explain to Charlotte