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Garcilaso was born in the Spanish city of Toledo. The work was published in Lisbon in and became popular. They say that "some historians regard Garcilaso's La Florida to be more a work of literature than a work of history. Later in France, he would fight his last battle. Under the Spanish system of caste that developed, he would have been classified as a criollo for being of Spanish descent, born in Garcilaso de la vega obras mas importantes yahoo dating America and mestizo for his mixed parents.

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Writings[ edit ] He received a first-rate but informal European education in Spain after he moved there at age It is recorded that he died in Cordoba, Spain, on April 23,but the date could also be the 22 or the 21, given the inaccuracy of the existing documents.

Truck drivers dating websites, his depiction of Incan religion and gradual expansion is nurtured by his Christianized view of the indigenous past[ citation needed ]; as an example, no mention is made of human sacrifices in Inca times.

Many years laterwhen the uprising against colonial oppression led by Tupac Amaru II gained traction, a royal edict by Carlos III of Spain banned the Comentarios from being published or distributed in Lima due to its "dangerous" content.

As an adult, he also gained the perspective to describe accurately the political system of tribute and labor enforced by the Incas from the subsidiary tribes in their empire. Baptized and reared as Christian, he portrayed Incan religion and the expansion of its empire from a viewpoint influenced by his upbringing.

Comentarios Reales de los Incas Edit It was in Spain that Garcilaso wrote his famous Comentarios Reales de los Incas, published in Lisbon inand based on stories he had been told by his Inca relatives when he was a child in Cusco.

As warfare continued in the conquest, he was at political and even physical risk there because of his royal Inca lineage.

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It contains the chronicles of de Sotos's expedition according to information Garcilaso gathered during various years, and defends the legitimacy of imposing the Spanish sovereignty in conquered territories and submit them to Christian jurisdiction. Garcilaso received an inheritance when his father died in Garcilaso de la Vega 23 followers Garcilaso de la Vega Toledo, c.

He received the rank of captain for his services to the Crown. However, he spent his younger years receiving an extensive education, mastered five languages Spanish, Greek, Latin, Italian and Frenchand learned how to play the zither, lute and the harp.

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His duties took him to Italy, Germany, Tunisia and France. His first language was Quechabut he also learned Spanish from early boyhood. The book was not printed again in the Americas untilbut copies continued to be circulated.

Embittered by his illegitimacy in Spain and proud of his Inca heritage, Garcilaso took on the name "El Inca" in this context, "Inca" refers to the old ruling lineage group, not the general people. He wrote from an important perspective, as his maternal family were the ruling Inca.

He also defends the dignity, courage and rationality of the Native Americans. He had another suspected lover named Isabel Freire, who was a lady-in-waiting of Isabel of Portugal.

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The prototypical "Renaissance man," he was the most influential though not the first or the only poet to introduce Italian Renaissance verse forms, poetic techniques and themes to Spain.

It is unknown whether that was an effort to portray his Inca ancestors in a more positive light to a Spanish audience or his ignorance of the practice having lived most of his life in Spain. His works are considered to have great literary value and are not simple historical chronicles.

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Garcilaso de la Vega died on October 14, in Nice, France after suffering 25 days from an injury sustained in a battle at Le Muy. Personal life Edit He lived in the town of Montilla untilwhen he moved to Cordoba until his death.

At the same time, he expresses and defends the dignity, the courage, and the rationality of the Native Americans.

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Their marriage took place in Garcilaso's hometown of Toledo in one of the family's estates. His first lover was Guiomar Carrillo with whom he had an illegitimate child.

Hudson warn against relying on Garcilaso, noting serious problems with the sequence of events and location of towns in his narrative.

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The Comentarios have two sections and volumes. He defended the legitimacy of imposing the Spanish sovereignty in conquered territories and submitting them to Christian jurisdiction. Milanich and Charles M.

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His writings were published as the Comentarios Reales de los Incas translated complete into English in as The Incas. He had six children: Later life[ edit ] He remained in Spain and did not return to his native country, now Peru. His exact birth date is unknown, but estimations by scholars put his year of birth between and Together with his uncle's support, gaining his father's name helped him in society.

His works have enormous literary value, and are not mere historical chronicles. There were a few women in the life of this poet. The first was primarily about Inca life.

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He had six brothers and sisters: Garcilaso was the second-oldest son which meant he did not receive the mayorazgo entitlement to his father's estate.

Military service He entered Spanish military service in and fought in the Alpujarra mountains against the Moors after the Morisco Revolt.

The King desired to take control of Marseille and eventually control of the Mediterranean Sea, but this goal was never realized.

It describes the expedition according to its own records and information Garcilaso gathered during the years. It was based on stories and oral histories told by his Inca relatives when he was a child in Cusco. The Spanish did not achieve their final victory until It was translated and published in English in The second, about the Spanish conquest of Peruwas published in Garcilaso had to present his case in the Spanish courts in order to receive payment for his service to the crown.

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His exact birth date is unknown, but estimations by scholars put his year of birth between and Garcilaso de la Vega Toledo, c. His maternal family were the ruling Inca, and as such, he portrays the Inca as benevolent rulers who governed a country where everybody was well-fed and happy.