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The space for your stove is gas-ready if and only if there is a gas line, generally either copper or steel and with NPT threads, protruding from the wall or floor behind your existing stove, with a shut-off valve installed.

When the lever is parallel to the pipe, the gas is on; at a right angle to the pipe is off. Shut off the gas Shut off the gas cock on the line entering the water heater. Hooking up a gas range or water heater is a relatively simple job requiring just basic tools and readily available supplies.

Gas leak detectors are sold at home centers, hardware stores and online.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Gas Line to a Stove?

They come in lengths from 24 in. Unscrew the tee Remove the two short vertical lengths of pipe that run above and below the tee fitting.

In addition, the burning of fossil fuels indoors generally requires that the space has adequate exterior ventilation to the outside. There are things you probably do not know about the materials involved that can create a deadly situation; for instance, did you know that a copper gas line cannot contact anything made of a different metal?

Our Photos 1 through 5 give a real-life picture of how this is done. NEVER screw the connector nuts that are on the ends of the corrugated tube to a black gas fitting or pipe.

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Screw the connector to nam bora dating ljoe nichols gas line Remove the end connector fitting, wrap the unbeveled end with Teflon tape, and screw it to the gas line.

A line that is capped at the end without a shutoff valve indicates that you have gas service at the right location and so you can install a gas stove, but the shutoff is required by code so that in the event of a leak you can shut off the gas at the source instead of calling and waiting for the gas company to shut off your whole house service and then having to re-light pilot lights etc when the gas is turned back on.

Stainless steel or coated brass connectors are the only type of flexible connectors sold these days, and the only type you can safely and legally use. While tightening the nuts, hold the tube straight against the fitting.

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Check for leaks Turn on the gas cock vertical position and light the range burners for about a minute to get the air out of the gas line. To connect the gas supply line to a gas range, a flexible hose is used. Yellow Teflon tape, heavier than white, is meant for gas fittings.

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The line is connected to the range and to the supply line, and then a thick soap-based mixture is painted on to all the connections before the shut-off is opened. Install the drip leg and cap as shown in Photo 3.

This vent removes the combustion by-products carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide being the two most harmful so they cannot build up in the kitchen and pose a hazard. Wrap the pipe threads Wrap Teflon pipe-joint tape twice around the threads in the same direction that the fitting screws on clockwise.

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Unscrew the union Uncouple the gas line at the union, a fitting that should be located somewhere below the gas cock, as shown here and in Photos 4 and 5. Reassemble the gas line Reassemble the gas line in the same configuration as it was. As is said in the trade, "no bubbles, no troubles".

Hold back the top part of the union with one wrench as you unscrew the coupling section with a second wrench.

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Hook up a gas water heater Photo 1: This hose is traditionally yellow in color and in fact that may be required by codeand while flexible, it is extremely durable, because a failure of this line can be catastrophic. If you cannot find a connector package with end fittings that match what you need for the gas line, use a black gas pipe fitting on the line to accommodate the end connector fitting.

They aren't such a big deal. Test all your joints for leaks. I agree with shirlock about adding gas lines maybe not being a DIY thing.

In many cases, the gas port on your new water heater will be in the same location as the old one, relative to your gas line. The gas is off when the lever is at a right angle to the pipe. This is because different metals will react galvanically with each other, to the general detriment of both metals.

Follow the instructions for installing the connector religiously. Note the copper seal that forms the gas-tight seal; make sure the pipe alignment is straight, so the two sections of the seal will join up properly.

Do NOT use Teflon tape on these threads. Flexible corrugated gas connectors and gas pipe and fittings black are available at most home centers and well-stocked hardware stores.

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Here are some guidelines: If the soap mixture bubbles up, there's a leak that must be addressed. Just remove the short lengths of pipe and fittings, as shown in Photos 2 and 3, clean the threads, apply new Teflon tape to the threads, and reconnect the entire assembly exactly as it was before.

Some regions, for instance, just require there be a window in the room either way, I strongly recommend hood exhausts regardless. Using tape can interfere with this seal. This end fitting can be either male or female.

Tighten the nuts Tighten the connector nuts to the two end connector fittings. Generally, I personally would recommend leaving this to a pro.

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A professional may charge as much as a few hundred dollars for a hook-up. How to hook up a gas range Photo 1: If you call someone out to work on your home, make sure they're licensed for natural gas installation; a general handyman service or the like will probably not be licensed for any of the work they do, including gas hookups.

This would be a guaranteed leak. Generally, HVAC technicians are licensed for NG work because they regularly deal with gas furnacesand will generally be happy to come out and hook up your stove as well and install a proper external vent line for your range hood.

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In others you can DIY, but gas can blow up your house, so I don't mind deferring that task to the experts. The most important step to a safe installation is to buy the right connector. Be careful not to kink or force the corrugated connector into sharp bends, which could eventually cause a break.

Reassemble the union Reconnect the union. Then tighten the union as shown in Photo 2. In either case, we strongly recommend that you call your local gas company or plumbing inspector to check your work. Bubbles around a joint will indicate a leak.

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