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Newt explains that Eli would be gone forever if Lauren burnt his belongings and that he and Lauren shall stay together in secret. In JanuaryNewt and Lauren split up.

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She then reveals to both Leo and Valerie that she wants to go to Spain with Valerie to reconnect with her. Anita calls an ambulance while Newt comforts her and tells her he loves her.

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During the funeral Lauren shouts horrible things about Calvin then knocks his casket over. However she realises this when Gaz was actually arrested and goes to apologise to Anita. Wade joins them and he and Lauren go off alone into the woods.

When Calvin finds out after lodger Cheryl Brady eavesdrop the family argument, he grabs Gaz and throws him out, leading everyone to believe that Gaz is the father, when in fact Lauren's actually not pregnant at all.

Gaz is furious about this and gives Lauren an ultimatum to choose between him and Anita. Lauren then later hears that Gaz has been arrested.

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There are people I'm going to miss but it's the right time to do something else now. Newt and Anite begin dating. Newt discovers Wade's bag of women's clothes and panics, worrying about Lauren.

When Valerie decided to stay in Greece, Lauren and Danny were set to join her. Lauren wants nothing to do steve kazee and cristin milioti dating her, but Valerie persuades Danny and Leo to give her another chance and let her stay in the Valentine house until she could get back on her feet.

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Sasha later laughs at the song and kicks him out. Elliot expects to meet his father, and suffers a nervous breakdown when no one arrives.

However the two decided to stay in Hollyoaks. Lauren takes Newt's medication in order to understand how he feels. Gaz is arrested for Calvin's murder and when he is later released he asks Lauren to run away with him again however she can't when she sees her dad needs her.

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Gaz and Lauren begin humiliating Anita for fun. Newt eventually finds out about her lies but they continue their friendship. Lauren then decides to choose Anita and they make a proper reconciliation and sh breaks up with Gaz.

However Spencer, in a state of panic, tells Sasha about the situation.

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When Elliot returns, Newt tells him what has happened, and Elliot forces them to tell their parents. Gaz is released and makes plans with Lauren to run away that day however their plans are cut short when Calvin is shot dead by Theresa.

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Lauren is hospitalised but discharges herself so she can go to Calvin's funeral. She is then told by Anita that he held a gun, in which Lauren didn't believe and angrily thought she was lying.

Lauren Valentine

Tom is reported missing when he goes to return Newt's sketchbook and stays longer than planned. Lauren visits Gaz in prison. They disvoer a body, only for the corpse to be identified as Sean Kennedy.

Lauren begins claiming she is being bullied by Anita, who Newt ends his relationship with. He tells the others and accidentally calls Lauren his girlfriend.

Valerie leaves them at the Valentine residence and demands that Leo look after them while she sorts out her housing problems.

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On Thursday 6 MarchNewt and Lauren decided to have sex. Reception[ edit ] Grace Dent of The Guardian joked about one of Lauren's light hearted storylines which featured after tragic storylines stating: She later finds out that Valerie isn't going to Spain after all, but is then shocked to hear the rest of the family are joining them and that Spencer is going with them too.

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But, at the end of the day, times have to change and I'm only 18 and wasn't going to work at Hollyoaks forever. Gaz and Lauren sleep together for the first time and Lauren realises that he was a virgin. The pair started to spend more and more time with Spencer Graya man with severe learning difficulties who had inherited a lot of money from Warren Fox.

Ricky, Lauren, Theresa, Anita and Newt go on a camping trip. Newt and Anita go round to her house because Newt finds out Lauren tells Anita about his schizophrenia and finds her really ill. Gaz is charged with Calvins murder Lauren believes him when he says he didn't but still wants nothing to do with him.