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I recommend anyone to not buy from Gearbest.

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Our best advice is to expect to pay import VAT, and include it in your calculation of the device's total price. Buying wholesale electronics and accessories from overseas websites is always going mikmax online dating be a bit of a gamble.

Buying grey market tech is not for everyone, and it's clear there is some risk involved. If you're in the market for a cheap phone or other tech you may have noticed the crazy-cheap prices on Chinese sites such as GearBest and Geekbuying, but should you buy from these sites?

Should you buy grey market tech? What is the grey market?

Many people have great experiences in buying grey market tech us includedbut there are also some horror stories to be gearbest review uk dating. How long am I willing to wait for my order to arrive? Are buyers responsible for return shipping? If the packaging is faulty you will also need to file a complaint with the courier.

Also keep in mind that if your parcel is intercepted by Customs you should expect a longer delay. Grey market sites offer great prices on cheap phones and electronics, but are these sites dodgy and should you buy from them?

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If you want your phone to be shipped faster, you should pay a small amount of money for that, because gearbest review uk dating just takes days, faster than 1 month. High customs fees upon receiving their order. Whether or not your parcel is picked up by Customs is very much a lucky dip, but legally the charges should be paid.

These sites tend to have a few characteristics in common that tend to generate a wide range of negative reviews—long shipping times, high customs fees, difficulties reaching customer service, and an inconvenient return process.

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Because each seller has different policies and procedures, AliExpress provides buyer guarantees for each purchase.

This ticket was not placed alongside other questions about the product so all potential buyers could see the revised dates. One of these guarantees includes a full refund if your order is not received within the specified time.

Receiving faulty goods is actually something we've experienced first hand, having received a faulty drone from GearBest. Sometime the cost so high, you have to choose 2. In our experience it's almost always DHL that issues the fee notices, typically after the product is delivered though this may simply be because IDG has an account with the delivery company.

They refund the amount on the Gearbest wallet which means they keep the money. Between one- and six months you will have to pay to return the item, but Geekbuying will ship you the repaired item for free. Using Geekbuying as an example, it offers a one-year warranty on all consumer electronics, meaning you can return the products for repair up to one year after its delivery date.

Do I have to purchase in bulk, or can I buy single items? Now armed with the facts you can make an informed decision about whether buying grey market tech or cheap goods from China is an attractive solution for you.


See below for a few highlights from negative GearBest reviews: Based on critical GearBest reviews, the ability to hold sellers responsible for delayed shipping may make AliExpress a great GearBest alternative.

The grey market differs from the black- or underground market in that these goods are not illegal to buy in the UK. The first good value phone Ulefone Amour 4G was an almost indestructible phone.

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Even so, it's important that you check the returns policy of the site in question before you buy. Between six- and 12 months you pay the cost of returning the item and having it redelivered following the repair.

UK shipping and Customs charges

When buying products from overseas you are not covered by EU regulations. Shoppers are given multiple tracking numbers for the same item many are invalid.

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One type of device with which it's particularly important to check the specs is smartphones. When deciding between buying from GearBest or a GearBest alternative, use the following questions as a guide: Given that these products usually aren't intended to be sold in the UK, it's understandable that some may not work as expected over here.

In our experience most grey market sites will also supply a three-pin adaptor if you let them know you need one. It allows UK consumers to purchase products that are not intended to be sold in the UK market, and at the lower prices typically paid overseas. Product pricing When looking at a product on a grey market site look for a toggle at the top of the page to switch the currency to UK Sterling.

Is there a GearBest scam going on? For those who are planning on buying wholesale electronics and accessories in bulk and reselling, however, DHgate is a great GearBest alternative to consider.

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Click to view AdvisoryHQ's advertiser disclosures. The day guarantee policy does not apply to all products. Even so, you'll likely still be buying goods at prices higher than their Chinese RRP.

Gearbest review

Sending a faulty product back to China is going to be much more difficult for you than it is within the UK, and we have heard reports that it can be difficult to get through to customer service. Whether you decide to purchase wholesale electronics and accessories through GearBest or one of the GearBest alternatives, spending a few extra minutes to research customer reviews and company policies can make all the difference between a positive and a negative shopping experience.

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It is sometimes referred to as a parallel market, which is in fact a clearer representation of what it is. Although the resolution may not always be a satisfying one, the company does make an effort to respond to GearBest complaints and negative GearBest reviews, and those who leave positive GearBest reviews seem to truly enjoy buying from GearBest.

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If an item is of high value you may be asked to send it back to Geekbuying before they are able to issue a refund or replacement and there is always a chance it could go missing on its return journey. While your payment will be processed securely and the company does acknowledge that shipping times are longer than normal, the likelihood of having a convenient return process or helpful customer service if something goes wrong seems to be slim.

If products have been mis-used, taken apart or water-damaged the warranty will be void, and it won't cover motherboard- or screen replacement.

And if Customs gets in touch to say it has your package then you won't receive it until you have paid up.

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Bear in mind that when dealing with customer services the language barrier may also become an issue, depending on the site in question. How to choose Gearbest shipping method, Free Shipping?

If an item is faulty on arrival you have two days to get in touch with customer service, providing them with photographic evidence. Still, with such a high frequency of GearBest complaints and an alert from the Better Business Bureau, buying wholesale electronics from GearBest should be approached with caution.