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The Scandalous Flirt

But when that vivacious woman who captured his heart all that time ago shows up on his doorstep, everything will change. When a fairy godmother-type meddler remembers her and decides to gift her with some suspicious slippers, she is thrown back into the society which turned their back on her.

I found the reveals to be fun and suiting.

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While she recognizes the duke's good qualities and acknowledges them, she is adamant in her refusals, and, thus, it is part of the comedy that the lady who has no sympathy for the duke falls so irrationally in love with a young girl disguised as a young boy.

Lucas was a horrible person, he claimed he loved the heroine yet forgot about her for 8 years? Yet, earler when Feste made fun of Malvolio, the over-serious steward, Olivia was fully capable of appreciating the clown's wit. Viola feels an instant empathy with a person mourning a lost brother since she herself believes that her brother is also drowned.

I didn't entirely believe his feelings for her, and the romance just kinda happens in the midst of this mystery they are unraveling.

She has to contend with her drunken uncle, Sir Toby Belch, and when Malvolio presents himself in his mad garb, she feels compassion for her foolish steward. I definitely recommend this to anyone expert dating coach in los angeles for a great historical romance and you can read it without having read the others in the series as it stands well on its own.

Lucas is willing to set aside his own happiness for the sake of the family and marry someone despite being in love with someone else. Sorry folks but this is not a romance book, no way.

The single quality that characterizes Olivia best is perhaps her impetuous love and her assertion of it.

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She's been living quietly and happily with her aunt in the country. Aurora quickly discovers that not everything is as it seems and when someone from her past returns, Aurora will have to decide just who she can trust in her journey for answers. During her debut season, Aurora Paxton was banished to the geschirr flirt olivia to live with her aunt after she was caught up in a scandal that nearly ruined her family.

The two have some great scenes while searching for the blackmailer and they both let their guard down during these scenes which was great.

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The Bottom Line- I would read another book by Olivia Drake and would just hope for a more intriguing couple. At first, Olivia seems to be the emotional counterpart for the duke; he is a melancholy parallel for Olivia, and Olivia has sworn to abjure the world for seven years to mourn for her dead brother, an act of extreme sentimental melancholy.

For a large portion of the book, he's courting an heiress with the hope of marrying her to pay off his family's debts. My Thoughts- I liked Rory and the plot, but I found the hero and the build of the romance to be slightly lacking.

Her intelligence is constantly seen in the many household matters that she has to attend to. Lucas has recently inherited his title and is working towards securing his family's future. The relationship she has with her stepmother is the exact opposite and I would have enjoyed her being ruined if not for Aurora's sister.

Her relationship with her aunt is wonderful and in her she found the mother she didn't have. That being said, I enjoyed the mystery sub-plot.

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Other than the melodramatic pose that Olivia is assuming at the beginning of the play we know it to be a pose because she is willing to immediately discard it in order to flirt with CesarioOlivia is presented as being essentially an intelligent woman with a number of good qualities.

When her stepmother clai The Scandalous Flirt was a delightful romance with a scandalous heroine, a mysterious honorable hero and the blackmail scheme that brings them together. In fact, he had a hard time forgetting her all these years. She is much more aggressive in the pursuit of her love than is Duke Orsino in his pursuit of Olivia.

Match & Flirt with Singles in Olivia

The Scandalous Flirt ended up being a really fun read and the mystery aspect was well done and kept my interest. While Olivia is attracted to her opposite Viola in the guise of CesarioViola will be attracted to her opposite, Duke Orsino.

When she discovers that she has actually married young Sebastian, Viola's twin, she quickly transfers her love to him, just as Duke Orsino is able to transfer his love to Viola. Olivia is also the opposite of Viola in many ways.

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You don't need to be familiar with the previous books to enjoy this one, and I found it a fast and fun read! I like my romances more on the steamier side, so that is my only complaint about the romance. I liked how much fun they had together and the banter was excellent.

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She has a tendency to speak without thinking which does get her in trouble occasionally. The book is pretty light on the sexier scenes which I was not expecting.

I liked the heroine quite a bit, and obviously, Drake has a talent for weaving a tale. Aurora and Lucas team up pretty early on to locate the blackmailer as it's apparent nearly from the start that it isn't Lucas at all. In the third scene, Olivia's house is the setting, and in the fourth scene, Olivia is again the central subject of discussion.

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There are a number of misunderstandings that occur which could have been fixed sooner if these two would have just sat down and talked. I didn't feel that wonderful "ooh, they have so much chemistry, how is this gonna unfold?

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Aurora made a life for herself in the country despite being banished and I admire that she stayed true to what she wanted in life even when told her options would be limited due to her scandalous past.

Aurora get some self respect. The Story- Rory was cast out of society years ago when she was caught in the middle of a tryst with a man that she didn't know was married.

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I understand where Lucas was coming from here and it was an admirable decision, but it did prove frustrating at times. Thus, we hear a great deal about this important lady before we actually meet her. When her stepmother claims Lucas Vale Marquess of Dashell is the blackmailer, Aurora becomes a companion to Lucas's mother to find out what he could possibly want from her family.

The fairy-tale retelling part of it is just enough to not hit you over the head with it and still be a fun "aha". When a fairy godmother-type meddler remembers her and decides This is my first book by Olivia Drake and is the fourth in "Cinderella Sisterhood" series which is focused on fairy-tales.

After being informed that her stepmother is being blackmailed and her sister is engaged to a man twice her age, Aurora returns to town to get to the bottom of things.