The Funniest, Best SomeEcards For Every Conceivable Situation The Funniest, Best SomeEcards For Every Conceivable Situation

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The doctor says you are on a soft diet right now. Shower her with affection, hugs and kisses because love is a better healer than most medicines.

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I am celebrating freedom! But I miss having you around me everywhere I go. I said it is for someone who is sick. This is what I have got for you, now I hope you stop feeling blue. Make the situation lighter by making him smile with these funny get well soon messages and get well wishes messages.

Get well soon so that I can get well soon too.

Get Well Cards: The Funniest Picks From Someecards

That is good for your health! Even when frail, you look lovely. I hope now you feel better. That is how desperate I am to have you in my arms.

Get well soon messages for girlfriend –

You are supposed to be strong. You will be well as I make you feel better with my never ending charms. Get well soon, I really miss you. Your friends miss having you at college.

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Thank God you are sick. There is fever in your body, but it is me who is sweating. You have no right to get sick.

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Let me disinfect you. I hope you will be well soon! Can my friends and I party in our house tonight? Maybe you forgot to clean yourself that is why you are infected with so much viruses and bacteria. Get well soon baby.

I am the only pill left in the world. You are not allowed to kiss your boyfriend. Helplessly lying in your bed makes you vulnerable to whatever I wanted to do to you.

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Your ailment is affecting my enjoyment. I would have indulged you anyway.

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Hold on to your faith and you will be better soon. Write a sweet note and cheer your girl up when she is sick.

Funny Get Well Soon Messages -

I hope my kisses drive your sickness away. You are sick because you miss me so. You will go to bed early while I stay up late watching TV!

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Sick people need to be quarantined. When will you die? Have you cleaned your room again? Pray because I will not be praying for you. A greeting card with a romantic doodle along with some flowers will make her feel like the luckiest girlfriend in the whole world.

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I think by the time you stop feeling so blue, I will fall sick because I missed kissing you. I need you more than you need your doctor.

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Not being able to kiss you is causing me desperation. So take me if you want to be healed. Send her flowers, post cute stuff on her Facebook, tag her in funny tweets and send her mushy texts that will make her feel better.