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This area is one of the most beautiful that you can see in the Ha Giang province. The "99 Nham Bien Mountain range" is seen at a distance.

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The bus trip from Lao Cai to Ha Giang town may take up to 6 hours, so Subsidio significado yahoo dating would say the best wayfor sure is with a motorcycle. However, the energy dissipation arrangements of the dam have been damaged, several times since it was built, by floods and bombing raids.

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The forest has rich biodiversity of flora and fauna. Rice terraces in Hoang Su Phi.

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You have to buy a permit for the remote areas in Ha Giang province. Also Panhou giang ho datehookup ecolodge is on the way, with higher prices for tourists. The pagoda also has wooden printing blocks of Buddhist sutras. The scheme, as built, has a concrete dam of 6.

It has 22 levels engraved with dragons, clouds, and lion cubs.

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This has now been developed as a historical monument. This market is held only once a year on the 27th day, third month of the lunar calendar. Polished blue stones decorate the floor of the house.

Near the town of Ha Giang, 7 km to the south you can visit the Phuon Giang ho datehookup cave.

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Eight people are required to hold hands to span this tree's circumference. The communal house has 7 rooms built on 48 ironwood pillars. The lake with trees growing in the water. The palace was used as a residence and fortress during Vuong Dynasty. This permit can be purchased at the Immigration office in Ha Giang town.

The irrigation system was built on the left bank of the river and envisaged irrigation to a total command area of 57, hectaresacres. Visit Meo Vac market with ethnic residents every Sunday morning. He gives you a permit and your passport back.

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Its no problem getting there with a motorbike. People from the ethnic minority Hmong, Tay and Lo Lo come here seeking a life partner or a change in partner!

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Additionally, a supply of potable drinking water was built into the system. Transbasin diversions have been implemented along with pumping from other streams to meet the water demands for irrigation and other uses of drinking water and industries.

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Hoang Su Phi lies at an altitude of about 1,m, the weather is about the same as in Sapa, but does have more limited services. Ethnic residents Mong, Tay from distant areas around the town of MeoVac will meet there. As against the national figure of of Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery cooperatives there are only agriculture cooperatives in the province.

Through the entire area you will pass huge areas of rice terraces, unspoilt nature and ethnic villages.

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Ha Giang motorbike loop — it is a very popular motorbike trip in Ha Giang province. Obtaining the permit is very simple. Ethnic residents are composed of 11 ethnic groups mainly Hmong, Tay, Dao and Nung. According to the Research Institute of Fruits and Vegetables RIFAV33 accessions have been identified as 33 cultivars[ clarification needed ] of lychee grown in different locations in home gardens and consolidated farms.

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Initially, the road was only for walking or horse teams, but later it was extended to cars and trucks. This unassuming palace is located along the road to Dong Van. This market is not just for selling goods, but is also important for maintaining the social relations of the ethnic people.

The lake is 25 kilometers south of the city, and in the monsoon period it may be 80 hectares large.

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Infrastructure such as National Highways and rural roads were substantially expanded, towns were better planned and beautified. The pagoda is surrounded by an expanse of rice-fields, amidst villages and hamlets around green bamboo groves.

People from the surroundings come here to sell their things, animals or food.