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Now, more than a decade later, they're the role models for young Riley as she learns the same kinds of life lessons they muddled through in the original.

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But I wonder if you understand the actual responsibilities that go along with being a couple. Girl Meets World gets a second spin With so many people coming to visit, Topanga will be feeling the pressure as she tries to create the perfect meal to impress her mother-in-law.

It hurts my heart that it made you feel bad. I also enjoyed the pairing between Maya and Farkle, particularly Farkle kissing Maya's hand and Maya nodding, impressed, "Not bad, Farkle," and Farkle shooting back, "Tell your friends.

Continue reading Show less Talk to your kids about Families can talk about how Riley's reality compares to yours. Though GMW ended, August's career is just taking off.

Outside of his acting gigs, Corey is still super close with his GMW crew.

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To Auggie But it made me feel bad. In the end, "Girl Meets First Date" was another fine episode but hardly all kinds of dating sites stuff season finales are made of, regardless of who kissed who.

How do other people's expectations affect yours? What can we say? Last year, she released her single "Why," along with a music video featuring Riverdale 's Casey Cott.

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How might you solve them differently than she does? While Girl Meets World has made good strides this year with the family dynamic, the classroom scenes remain a constant weak point. Is honesty always the best policy? At the party, Charlie and the group play a couples game, in which Maya and Lucas are partners.

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We love a cast that's still friends even after the show ends. Both stands up and holds hand Ava: The three sit alone on a bench, confused.

Cory and Topanga aren't the only familiar faces you'll see as the series evolves, but these reunions never overshadow the modern-day story of Riley, which is predictably pristine fare that doesn't tackle anything really serious. Does hers seem to be an average lifestyle?

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This movie will definitely terrify us to no end, but we'll see it just for August. With so many members of the original cast reprising their roles and with special episodes such as this year's holiday episode, we're betting Girl Meets World is going to become as big of a hit at the original.

The Verdict Maya may have been giving 84 percent on her date with Farkle, but Girl Meets World's season finale wasn't quite there.

Riley's desperate to spread her wings, find herself, and conquer the world, but that's no easy task when your parents have high expectations for you and your dad isn't only your dad, he's also your teacher.

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The cold open, for example, was extremely hokey, as Cory stalled class yet again to discuss the group's personal lives in front of the entire class. Considering this was the last episode of Girl Meets World: Keep scrolling to see what they're up to now!

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How long are you gonna hold this over my head? Maya, still confused about her feelings, tells Lucas that she wants to start off the new year being nice to him and that she is glad they will be together at midnight.

While last year was filled with multiple tours for this little lady, she currently only has a tour in Japan lined up for Puts hand on Maya's shoulder So you're feeling better about my Uncle Josh?

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The Matthews' living room. Sits on Riley's bed Topanga: He grins and says that makes up for everything.

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Ava and Auggie sitting on the couch. Can you relate to her problems? Riley's best friend, Maya Sabrina Carpenteris always by her side to guide or misguide, as is often the case her way through the ups and downs and to add some spice to Riley's life.

Wanting to be with Riley at midnight, Charlie tries to show he cares about her.