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Glee fanfiction rachel and quinn secretly dating coworkers,

Klaine, possible Seblaine, possible St. After the Proud Mary performance, Quinn looks at Rachel lovingly. Kurt realizes that he and Sebastian have more in common than he thought. Jan 5, Advertisements. You knew he'd stir up a lot of emotions.

She wanted a friend and she knew that Quinn needed one, but Finn just kept getting in the way and well it seemed that Quinn didn't really like her all that much anyway.

Will assigns the gleeks to find songs about hope or hopelessness. Kurt moves to Dalton after being bullied reconnecting with a much loved family member.

Sebastian has heard all about Blaine from the Warblers. You must have known that we were still angry over what he did to you" "Well I didn't think, not really. I didn't get them kicked out" "Oh but you did Rachel, don't you see it? You said we were angry, I find it hard to believe you could get angry about someone causing me harm, not after the slushie agenda" "Well….

I mean you for one told me I needed to move on, that Finn wasn't for me, that this town wasn't for me. They were supposed to last forever. Hairography Rachel tells Finn about Quinn lying to him, but when Quinn finds out Rachel was the one who told him she told her "You just did what I was too afraid to do.

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The original ending was Rachel and Quinn talking. Quinn looks as if she is moved by Rachel's words, but does not want her new clique, The Skanksto see. When Kurt tries to educate himself on how to be sexy, he runs into someone unexpected.

Even before Glee Club, they are seen arguing and Quinn often makes fun of Rachel, but when Rachel falls for Quinn's boyfriend, Finn Hudson, things take a turn for the worse, as Finn is also noticeably interested in Rachel.

Puck intervenes to keep Kurt safe. After finally turning 21, Kurt decides to let loose and finally get laid. One shot for now with Est. Sometimes when one door closes. Quinn barely acknowledged her and when she did it was to stake her claim to Finn.

Things from his past were haunting him, He wanted to turn over a new leaf. And 1 time they found out Blaine was. Now designer langa voni online dating Kurt is awake, his doctor has insisted he see a psychologist.

Why did you bring Jesse?

Glee Fanfiction Quinn Fabray

Sebastian started a new school and wanted to start over. Quinn sharply tells Rachel to come back when she leaves to approach Shelby. Rachel and Finn had been interested in each other quietly they even shared two kisses until Quinn reveals to Finn that she is pregnant.

Rachel then goes on to confide in Quinn and the glee girls, asking them for advice with her incident involving Jesse. He landed the lead role in the school musical, won the election for student body president and most of all got accepted in Nyada, the school of his dreams. On arrival they hear a commotion in the parking lot, and end up intervening when they hear a familiar voice crying for help.

Quinn listens, and then says sharply "Please, you're grossing out my baby! A mix between fluff, crack, and angst. Klaine and mpreg, with a dose of Niff on the side and nice! That is, until he starts to notice that Kurt subtly dominates Blaine in everyday interactions.

When both Finn and Quinn come down with a case of mono, they are in the Nurse's office and Quinn tells Finn to figure out what's going on between him and Rachel. Sam Evans, a Nobel Prize winning physicist, has lived a life of regret. Blame It on the Alcohol In Do You Wanna Touch Me Oh Yeahwhen Holly Holliday points at them, they look at each other as if they're silently agreeing to join her in singing, after first having doubts if they should join as they are members of the Celibacy Club.

The two begin down the road of becoming friends and then the journey that their relationship takes them. New Directions is thrown by this calm, confident, and happy Kurt, and his new attitude threatens his relationships with some of his closest friends. Jesse and Rachel moving in together prompts him to move back to Lima to consider his options without throwing money down the drain just to stay living in New York.

We will both be stars one day" she walked towards the door, letting out a deep sigh, time with Quinn was nothing short of exhausting and she needed to get away to gather her thoughts. If someone had told Kurt Hummel back in senior year of high school that he would find himself with Sebastian Smythe for a best friend just a few years later, Kurt would have called that person an idiot.

Quinn's drawing has hearts around it. This upsets Rachel causing her to cry and write Get It Right. Rachel seems to be well informed though, knowing that Quinn had a beautiful baby girl in her conversation with Shelby, when the rest of the team is still away.

But will that last? Quinn claimed that the baby was Finn's even though they did not even have sex. Quinn replies that Rachel asked her for her help, and she's giving it to her.

Quinn also confesses to drawing the pornographic pictures of Rachel in the bathroom. He has a chance to deal with his biggest one. Rachel then calls her a hypocrite because Rachel believes Quinn is cheating on Finn with Sam.

I stole the guy she's in love with and then I stole the guy she dated to get over the guy she's in love with. And why is he almost overwhelmed by the urge to bite Puck?

I own nothing Rachel looked to Quinn for reassurance. I meant Glee" Quinn managed to stutter out. Rachel finds out that Finn did kiss Quinn and it felt like "fireworks" to him, which makes her sing Firework. Rachel feels as if it's her fault, but Quinn tells her that it's not and comforts her.

It didn't seem to matter though; Quinn was still on her back about it. To the new Kurt Hummel, romance is dead.

Later in the episode, when Puck is slushied, Rachel cleans him off and comments that he has it a lot easier than Quinn because Quinn has more hair. However, they do both state that they don't hate each other, and have a few friendly moments after Quinn's pregnancy is revealed.

Blaine has cheated on Kurt, and while Kurt is in no way surprised, he is surprised about who Blaine cheated with — Dave Karofsky. Blaine, Wes, David and the boys of Windsor House make his life, for better or worse, far more eventful than he imagined.

Something about Rachel made Quinn want to be true to her own self. Senior year and all Kurt wants to do is sing during Duets week with his boyfriend.